Pat McGeehan

Two to be elected to represent District 1 which consists of Hancock County and a portion of Brooke Counties.
Two year terms. Salary – $20,000.00 per annum plus per diem for interim committee meetings
The House of Delegates consists of 100 members and together with WV Senate is responsible for passing bills on public policy, estabshing the State budget and raising and/or lowering taxes. The Legislature meets in 60-day session annually with Interim Committee meetings held each month. Special sessions may be called as needed.
Ronnie Jones, Democrat Weirton Member of House of Delegates 2010-2014
Pat McGeehan, Republican, Chester Member of the House of Delegates since 2014
Jack Woods, Democrat, Weirton, currently serving as Hancock County Assistant Prosecutor
Mark Zatezalo, Republican, Weirton, Member of the House of Delegates 2007-2014

1) Why are you running for office at a time when public confidence in the system is at an all-time low?
Truth is a sacred concept vital to the survival of the traditional American way of life. One reason why public confidence in our institutions has degenerated is because, for generations, leaders within many of these institutions in the past have rejected the pursuit of truth and all that this entails, to instead pursue their own ambitions and their own power—at the expense of those they were sworn to serve. I have committed to do my small part to reverse this catastrophic course.
2) What is the single most important issue you as a delegate will face if elected?
Our state, along with our country as a whole, will likely face a financial crisis at some point in the not-so-distant future. At 27 trillion dollars and counting, the national debt continues to swell and intensify for the worse. It is important to understand the implications of what this could mean in order to best mitigate the damage and the fall-out from this unfortunate predicament.
3) What legislation will you sponsor? or If you have served previously, what legislation have you sponsored?
While I have sponsored many bills and passed some into law, I believe the most critical aspect for any elected official is to take their Oath of Office seriously. Too many politicians treat what is supposed to be an earnest allegiance to the Constitution as just some sort of ceremonial formality, and once in office, casually cast it aside when the Oath becomes inconvenient. This is all the more the case under pressure, when times get difficult and important decisions must be made. I will always hold my Oath of Office to the Constitution with reverence—so help me God.
4)Do you think anything can be done to change the Dept of Transportation’s decision on Route 2 Alternate in New Cumberland? If so, what action would you take to get more funding?
The leadership of the Division of Highways has been less than forthcoming on this unfortunate decision. I think it is important to reverse—for one, because certain financial promises were explicitly made over the last few years throughout this entire process for this project, and this decision represents a break with what was originally proposed. It is certainly possible to reverse this poor decision, but it will not be an easy task. Never give up though.