Jack Woods

Two to be elected to represent District 1 which consists of Hancock County and a portion of Brooke Counties.
Two year terms. Salary – $20,000.00 per annum plus per diem for interim committee meetings
The House of Delegates consists of 100 members and together with WV Senate is responsible for passing bills on public policy, estabshing the State budget and raising and/or lowering taxes. The Legislature meets in 60-day session annually with Interim Committee meetings held each month. Special sessions may be called as needed.
Ronnie Jones, Democrat Weirton Member of House of Delegates 2010-2014
Pat McGeehan, Republican, Chester Member of the House of Delegates since 2014
Jack Woods, Democrat, Weirton, currently serving as Hancock County Assistant Prosecutor
Mark Zatezalo, Republican, Weirton, Member of the House of Delegates 2007-2014

That is why- The community’ s and my confidence in our governmental system has diminished. I have the opportunity to help address the new and ongoing problems and want to help get West Virginia to a stable and thriving system. The “system” has lost its purpose-the Delegates are to be the voice of their constituents.
Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The constant uncertainty and shuffling of the interpretations of the numbers as well as shifting guidelines has impacted everyone in our State. West Virginians will need economic recovery and growth, educational recovery and stability as well as personal recovery; our lives were changed and we need to be able to move forward with knowledge and faith that we will be better prepared for the future. The monies that are to assist COVID-19 recovery should be dispersed appropriately and more quickly in order to assist the greatest amount of West Virginians in need.
I am not a politician and have not served previously. I would support and introduce legislation that creates a more fair opportunity to West Virginians to enjoy their citizenship and help create the freedom for people to remain or return to the State knowing that bright futures are possible. That is done through
1- Increased wages to encourage working families to stay or move here, 2- A focus on education,
3- Development of business opportunities for the many rather than the few, 4-The repair and stability of West Virginia’s roads,
5- An improved and more understandable healthcare-insurance system,
6- Address and reduce the impact that addiction and drug abuse has upon West Virginia families and businesses,
7- Expanded broadband, and
8- Spending the monies provided to the State in a way more efficient manner.
I believe further advising the DOH that 5A is the safest and ultimately the most economically sound choice can and should keep being done. As a legislator I would seek the funding either through transfer from more wasteful governmental programs or seek the appropriate enforcement that Alternative 5A is the actual Road to Prosperity.