Department of Highways
a “No Show”

The Department of Highways was a “no show” for a meeting with Hancock County Commissioners, New Cumberland Mayor Dick Blackwell, Sen. Wm. Ihlenfeld and Del. Randy Swartzmiller on the alternate route 2 through New Cumberland on October 22. While local residents and officials had expressed overwhelming support for Alt. Rt. 5 A., DOH has selected Alt. 4 for the project, a decision officials and residents say ignore the safety issues surrounding the narrow stretch of road and fail to take into consideration the residents’ documented preference for 5A. Fueling the frustration is DOH’s failure to follow appropriate channels to notify the City, County and State representatives.
“I’m 79-years-old, and I’ve never seen such disrespect,” said Blackwell who said the City deserves to be notified of any decision.
Ihlenfeld, on behalf of his fellow officials, had attempted to get a face-to-face meeting with officials by inviting both Governor Jim Justice and DOH officials to a meeting. While the Governor’s office had responded he was aware of the meeting, no response was received from DOH officials on either a State or Regional Level.
Less than 24 hours prior to the meeting, large stones were dislodged from the Station Hill wall by a bulldozer whose blade hit the wall as the driver attempted to allow room for a truck to get by.