Term of Office – 6 years Salary – $39,917.00 per annum. (Set in statute based on County population of County.)
Hancock County Commission is composed of one Commissioner from Grant, Clay and Butler Magisterial District. The Butler Commissioner will be decided in the 2020 election.
Commissioners’ responsibilities include **Establishing the annual budget for the county **Setting the levy rates for property taxes **Maintaining a suitable courthouse and keeping the building in good working order **Supporting community services such as 911, health departments and parks **Supervising the voting process and certifying the results.

1) Why are you running for office at a time when public confidence in the system is at an all-time low?
We need to continue to showcase the positive work that is being done. Although some roads still need paved, many were repaved last fall including: Three Springs Drive, Culler Road, Pennsylvania Avenue, some secondary roads, and several sections of route 2. A dog park was built on Gas Valley Road with safety considerations for the owners and their pets. A completely new restroom, shower facility, and kitchen upgrades were completed at Tomlinson campsite. There are also several infrastructure projects in the works. It is the visual progress will restore public confidence!
2) What do you see as the most important responsibility of the county commission?
The safety of our citizens is a priority. We have a full staffed sheriff’s department with 24-hour patrol. There are seven volunteer fire departments along with one paid department. Also, the private Hancock ambulance service operates from three stations. The 911 center is state of the art. The courthouse is fully staffed for all the citizen’s needs. Hancock County remains one of the safest counties in West Virginia, and all of these services are provided with a balanced budget.
3) A substantial part of Hancock County’s budget is generated by gaming revenue. With the downturn of business at Mountaineer, how will you continue to provide county services?
The gaming revenue has been gradually dropping the last six years. Budget adjustments must be made accordingly. The goal is not to cut the safety or essential services provided to all the taxpayers. The projected decrease should be shared in reducing non-essential service. Finding revenue from any other source should always be explored.
4) Do you think anything can be done to change the department of transportation selection of alternate route 4 in New Cumberland? If so, what action would you take to get more funding for the project?
Obviously, the commission has to stay unified with our delegates and the New Cumberland city council. A face to face meeting with the DOT top two officials and the governor would have the most impact. Safety and public opinion have to be pleaded. Also, 5-A has the least impact on the city of New Cumberland. The funding was to come from the governor’s master plan, ‘The Roads to Prosperity’. That was promoted locally and easily passed by the public vote. The county should get the share it was originally appropriated for. We should settle for nothing less.