Term of Office – 6 years Salary – $39,917.00 per annum. (Set in statute based on County population of County.)
Hancock County Commission is composed of one Commissioner from Grant, Clay and Butler Magisterial District. The Butler Commissioner will be decided in the 2020 election.
Commissioners’ responsibilities include **Establishing the annual budget for the county **Setting the levy rates for property taxes **Maintaining a suitable courthouse and keeping the building in good working order **Supporting community services such as 911, health departments and parks **Supervising the voting process and certifying the results.

1) Why are you running for office at a time when public confidence in the system is at an all time low?
“Public Confidence”, as you put it, just means “trust” to me. Communication, transparency and accountability are all it takes to have trust between people. I have offered and will continue to offer an open line of communication. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, I will continue to do what I say. I’m not running because previous leadership has led us to an “all time low” as you put it “in public confidence”. It’s the right time in my life for me to run, I believe the level of “public confidence” in our current “system”, as you put it, is why I will be elected. I’m here to offer the business development skills that I bring from my career in Silicon Valley to work toward the goal of strong, sustainable growth for our future.
2) What do you see as the most important responsibility of the County Commission?
Working together with people and businesses to build a healthy community for future generations. The target categories are: Community Health, Economic Strength, Stringent Education, Growth & Sustainability, Public Safety, Social Vitality and Transparent Government.
3)A substantial part of Hancock County’s budget is generated by gaming revenue. With the downturn of business at Mountaineer, how will you continue to provide county services?
The loss of business at Mountaineer (and many other businesses) is not simply unlucky. I want to examine why there is a downturn in business. “Because of Covid” has become an excuse to say “We can’t do what we used to”. I don’t accept excuses, only opportunities. We should be asking not if, but how can we get back to and exceed our previous levels? If we can dig deep and get creative, not only can we continue to provide services, but we can do it with common sense measures that reduce risk of illnesses. A reactionary style of government will always ignite panic, I prefer the calm strategy of being prepared for the worst and aiming for the best.
4)Do you thing anything can be done to change the Dept of Transportation’s selection of Alternate Route 4 in New Cumberland? If so, what action would you take to get more funding for the project?
I like the 5a route. It makes the most sense because it’s direct. As for “getting more funding”, we have begged for decades that WVDOH give this to us. How many more decades until we are on the State list of priorities? It’s obvious that we are easy to blow off because we are far away from Charleston. I would like to lead us in a direction where we have more say over how our roads serve us, after all, we are the ones who drive them and know best which ones are in dire need of repair.