And Then Again

Tamara Pettit

……While we won’t have the election returns in this week’s print edition, they will be posted on the digital edition of HOMETOWN NEWS. Remember, we are offering seven days of sampling free content. You can access the online edition at I post articles to the online edition throughout the week so it’s a great way to stay abreast of what’s gong on in our area on a daily basis. We also are now taking subscription payments by credit card on the site.
…..Did I mention that Shannon drug me kicking and screaming into the new technology. Hey, we are a newspaper. When I worked for a daily newspaper, I liked that at the end of the day I could hold the newspaper in my hand and now at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays we have the product of our efforts in hand. But, being able post articles on a daily basis to our subscribers? I think the online edition is great. I love that I can be current in what I report. Sunday afternoon while the Steelers played, I looked into how Hancock County and West Virginia voted on the Presidential elections since 1956 and by Sunday night it was on our site. I think the article is interesting to see how we have gone for winners and losers through the years. You can read about it on Page.
…..When did election day laws change to allow liquor stores to be open? I remember when bars had to close down until 6 p.m. on election day. I fail to see the logic of a law that thought it could keep people from drinking on election day by closing the bars. Did the powers to be think that they could prevent those who were inebriated from voting drunk.
…..” When bad things happen, always look for the helpers. There will always be helpers!” My favorite words of wisdom from Mr. Rogers. There is no doubt that Hancock County like many other areas is reeling from the COVID and our poor economy. Not only are people unemployed, many workers have limited hours greatly reducing their income. I was so happy to learn that Eric Chaffin of Chaffin Luhanna Law Firm has included Hancock County in the Chaffin Luhanna Foundation’s free turkey distribution. Eric tells me that the firm also did a free sandwich giveaway in Pittsburgh.
…….Chaffin Luhana’s generosity comes at a critical time. Since 1996, Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort had distributed 800 turkeys to the needy in the County. This year under new management they are not. I have great difficulty with that. That program began when I was public relations director at Mountaineer and we decided to help out laid-off steelworkers at Weirton Steel. We delivered 75 turkeys to the Independent Steelworkers Union hall and when my sister, Marsha, found out she asked if we could also provide 35 turkeys to New Cumberland United Social Service. From that small beginning the turkey distribution grew as then President & CEO never said no to any group in need. The number was at 800 when I left and included Chester/Newell/ New Cumberland and Weirton. It even included the Racetrack’s own backside workers.
….. I always went with the trucks to distribute the turkeys. I never felt so good….or so bad at the end of the day. Good because we truly were doing a meaningful thing, but bad because my heart ached. I worked at Weirton Steel for eight years and I remember distributing turkeys at the Salvation Army in Weirton when I saw a former co-worker. She had a good job at Weirton Steel and been a hard worker. We hugged and with tears in her eyes she said “who would have ever thought I would be in line for a free turkey to feed my kids?” It was a reminder to me that we are all just a few steps away from being in that line and needing help. Of all we accomplished at Mountaineer, I think I was proudest of that turkey distribution and I am saddened indeed that the new owners did not think the program should be continued.
……..And, kudos to the Chaffin Luhanna law firm whose business model includes support of those in need in the community..
…..PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has purchased shares in four racing companies: VICI Properties, Boyd Gaming, Penn National and Gaming & Leisure Properties. VICI Properties, is a real estate investment trust and owns 31 casinos, hotels and racetracks, one of which is Mountaineer. PETA does not support horseracing stating that “animals are nor ours for entertainment” but has taken the action to “end cruel practices at racetracks” and it’s taking its case straight to the Boardroom. According to Bloodhorse magazine, PETA’s goal is to change objectional practices in horseracing by using their shares to obtain seats on the racetrack’s Board of Directors; In California, PETA previously worked with racetracks to implement mandatory investigations into the deaths of horses and to obtain increased drug testing for horses. PETA seeks eleven changes which include replacing dirt tracks with high quality synthetic ones, banning trainers who have violations; banning whipping, ending overuse of medication; and not allowing injured horses to race. While those changes could be made by the Board of Directors, I would think that those changes could also be made by the West Virginia Racing Commission which has authority over both Mountaineer and Charles Town Races & Slots, which is a Penn National Property.
…..KUDOS to the City of Chester and Weirton who both passed resolutions supporting the city of New Cumberland’s fight to get Alternate 5A to route 2 through town. I would ask that businesses like Ergon who send the large tankers through town would do the same. Also, I think the Hancock County Board of Education should consider a resolution.
……New Cumberland continues on its path to upgrade its water and sewer system. Council passed its first reading of an ordinance to authorize the action along with the financing through not more than $3,747,000.00 in in bonds and $2,835,000 in Dept. of Agriculture funds.
…..The thing about elections is for each winner there is a loser. I’ve been both. Teddy Roosevelt spoke about “the timid who know neither victory or defeat” and I have great respect for anyone who steps into the political arena. I love Roosevelts words on the subject, “It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds might have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is not effort without error and shortcoming,”
…… I often recall my last door to door in Country Club estates in Weirton when I sought six-year-old grandson Addison’s opinion. (Who drags a six-year-old door to door? A candidate who knows people love cute kids, that’s who!) When I asked “Do you think I’m going to win Tuesday, Addison?” he turned his sad little eyes toward me and said “Maybe, maybe not, Nana A lot of people don’t like you..” He was right,
….I learned a lot about the electoral process during those years in office. Differing parties and opinions are what drives the process. When the election is over, however, it’s our love of our Country and our fellow citizens that brings us together once again. because while we’re flawed we are without question the best nation in the world!