Chester Police Department

Activity Report for October 2020
The total number of calls for service covered by the Chester Police Department for the month of October 2020 was 124.
Among those incidents included, but not limited to:
**16 traffic stops, which resulted in 7 citations and 9 verbal and written warnings;
**9 accidents;
**9 ambulance and fire department assists;
**6 calls regarding suspicious persons and/or activity;
**5 reports of non-domestic and and/or domestic fights;
**28 courtesy escorts for a business’s nightly deposits and city resident requests;
**4 responses to alarm calls;
**2 disturbance calls;
**5 resident welfare checks (two with Adult-Protective Services);
**2 calls regarding juveniles;
**1 call regarding a fight;
**1 incident of shoplifting.
Letters were sent to two residents. One was to a resident on Florida Avenue regarding complaints of excessively barking dogs. The other was to a building owner on Carolina Avenue regarding the delapidated condition of his property. The owner has taken measures to bring it up to compliance,
An arrest was made of a Chester resident for 2 counts of Battery of an Officer;
An arrest was made of an East Liverpool resident for DUI Aggravated. The defendant pled no contest to a reduced charge of DUI 1st Offense and paid all assessed fines and court costs in full.