September Arrest Log
Danielle Roscoe, Wintersville – Delivery of Cocaine/Transport cocaine into state with intent to deliver
Tammy Killie, East Liverpool – DWLS/Admins/Defective Equipment
Marcus Boyd, New Cumberland – DUI/Driving WLS Admin.
Nicolas Cafonntaine, Newell – Capias
Rodney Martin, New Cumberland – Possession of Crack Cocaine
Charles Ripley, New Cumberland – Body Attachment/Obstructing/Domestic Battery
Zachary Mumford, New Cumberland – Fleeing/Reckless Indifference
Justin Anthony, New Castle – Possession w/intent/ >15g Marijuana
Gene Wright, New Cumberland – Parole Violation
Trevor Zeigler, Weirton – DUI
Joseph Isabella – DUI
Jamie Cook, New Cumberland – Domestic Battery
Junaka Wallace, Steubenville – Delivery of Drugs resulting in Death/Delivery of Fentanyl
Whitney Shroades, Newell – Mandatory School Attendance
Alen Turchinhodiz, Pittsburgh – DUI
Argyle Dillon, II, N/A – Possession of Controlled Substance/Burglary
Kathy Tuder, East Liverpool, East Liverpool – Fugitive from Justice
Criag Mitchell, Youngstown – Petit Larceny
Craig Hall, Boardman – DWLS Admin. 3rd Speed
Paul Coma, East Liverpool – DUI 1st/DWLS for DUI
Nathan Conley, Rochester, PA – DUI 1st
Brandon Savin, East Liverpool – Fleeing/Possession of Stolen Property
October Arrest Log
Rick Douds, Ellwood City, PA – Battery/Daytime Burglary/Domestic Battery 1
Charles Yost, New Cumberland – Capias – Domestic Battery
Brian Wiggins, Toronto – DUI
Johnathan Glendenning, New Martinsville, WV – Capias
Mitchell Lacy, East Liverpool – Aggravated DUI 1st
Melissa Maxwell, East Liverpool – False Pretenses
Brent Burton, Chester – Domestic Battery
Fred Riley, Chester – Domestic Battery
Gregory Daugherty, Newell – Fleeing DUI/Reckless Driving/DUI/DWLS 3rd/Improper passing/Joy Riding
William Turner, Ocala, FL – DUI 1st
Brian Wagner, New Cumberland – DUI 1st
Gary Behanna, Newell – Domestic Battery/Battery
Jacob Ewaskey, Weirton – Domestic Assault/Possession of Marijuana//Battery on an Officer
Wyatt Fone, Chester – DUI
Dianna Campbell, New Cumberland – DUI
Rocchio, New Cumberland – Battery
George Evans, New Cumberland – Sex Assault 3rd/Sex Assault 3rd
Jason Barnes, East Liverpool – Probation Violation
Steven Gallop, II, Chester – Domestic Battery
Nicklas Dalyrymple, Wellsville – DUI 1st