OG Semi-Final Play Hinges on COVID Status

On this Sunday November 29th, 2020, The Oak Glen Football team will have an opportunity to host the WVSSAC AA State Semi-Finals at home at 5:00pm. The ability to host the game will be dependent on the WVHHR and WVDE map having a color indicator of Gold or better for both Hancock County and Harrison county – which is the location of our Opponent – Robert C. Byrd High School. If both are not gold or better than we will have to forfeit due to our status of orange on the 11/21/20 DHHR map.
This game would be the 2nd semi-final in school history, the first being last year’s 38-7 defeat to Bridgeport. If we were to win the game Saturday it would be Oak Glen Football’s first appearance in WVSAAC State Finals. Oak Glen comes into the game with an 8-1 record coming off a 53-26 victory over Herbert Hoover, while Robert C. Byrd comes into the game with an 8-2 record, having defeated Elkins last week 33-6.
During the quarterfinal game last week Oak Glen player Hunter Patterson set an all time state record for rushing average in a AA playoff game.