Dragisich Appoints Assistants

Hancock County Prosecutor Steven Dragisich assumed his duties January 1, 2021 and announced his team of Assistant Prosecutors ready to go to work. The Prosecutor’s Office is preparing for a Grand Jury slated for January 12 and 13 with Magistrate Court dates already in process.
The County Commission approved the appointment of Attorneys David Cross, Mike Lucas, April Manypenny Raines, Vince Gurrera and Mike Adams last week. According to Dragisich all five assistants will be part-time and will not only stay within the confines of the budget, but potentially reduce the amount spent by the office. Under Prosecutor Jim Davis, two full-time assistants and two part-time assistants were employed.
Dragisich said the hours each assistant prosecutor dedicates to the position will be case specific and will fluctuate although he expects each assistant will devote at least two-days-a-week to the duties. In the past each Assistant was assigned specific areas (criminal, child abuse & neglect, Magistrate Court, County Commission, etc) Dragisich has not yet made those specific assignments.