Hancock County Jan. Property Transfers

Charles Cline to DiBacco Properties – $2,500.00 – C 38 CF 1st All Main St.
Tamara Semer to Kuster Properties, $113,300.00 – Elizabeth Cropper Plan of Lots
EJ Renovation to Dallas Duffy, $175,000.00 – Marland Heights, Allotment 1
Sandra Calton to Keith Straight, Tracie L. Straight, Hudson Hill
Steven Apesos, Joanne Apesos, Georgene Apesos Horton, Jay Horton to Markos Apesos, $140,000.00, Pleasant Hills Addition
Eva Faye Dailey, Gregory Allen Dailey to Michael L. Leisure, Leslie Fay Leisure, $3,000.00, 22 and 1/8 acres
Kara Fair, Aaron Fair to Michael Leisure, Leslie Leisure, $165,000.00, Grant District
Estate of Dianna Campbell, Estate of Harold Campbell, Monica Graham, executrix, Leslie Alberta Laibach, administratrix, Russell Laibach, Nanette Howard, Edward Wayne Howard, Michale Cottrill, Wade Campbell, Deanna Campbell, Leslie Alberta Laibach to Nicholas Laibach, Alexis Laibach, $92,500.00, Butler District
William Allen Garvin, Deborah A. Garvin to Cynthia Jackson, $236,000.00, Chester Rolling Mill Addition to Chester
Andrew J. McDonald, Victoria McDonald, Gary McDonald, Shannon McDonald, JamesMcDonald, Kathleen McDonald to Brent Bergman, Desiree Bergman, Stewart Farm
Curtis Thompson to Curtis J. Thompson, Kerry Wilson, $26.00, Newell
Gregory Burrough to Gregory Burrough Irrevocable Living Trust, $15,000.00, North Weirton Plan of Lots
Shawn Javens, Belinda Javens to Janice Hanna, $65,000.00, Newell
Estate of Rachael Denise Evans, Jennifer Evans Meeker, Executrix to Linsey Moore, New Cumberland
MB Industries to EJRenovation, $20,000.00, George Owings Plat of Weirton Heights
EJREnovation to Lisa Parris, $130,000.00, Butler District
Thomas Franklin VanGilder, Terence Edward VanGilder, Bruce Wayne Van Gilder, Vicki Lynn Williams, Genevieve Van Gilder to Jennifer Marie Anderson, $187,000.00, Walter Lawrences 2nd Addition
Paul Richard Ryan to Rebecca Sparks, $56,260.00, Clay District
Jason E Kotouch to Stephen Gibbs, $34,300.00, George Owings Addition
Sher E Punjab to Joshua D. Riggs, Carol J. Riggs, $100,000.00, Weirton
Seth Beaulac to HCS of Merchants Isle
Metsch Refractories to Metsch Holdings
Ronald Kinney, Sharon Bogarad, Karen Bain, Daniel Bain, Rickie Kinney to Judith Kinney, $110,000.00, Hillcrest Land Co.
Brent P. Bergman, Desiree Bergman to Carl Hudson, Anita Hudson, $12,000.00, CA Smith Addition to Chester
George Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Krista Jackson to Patrick Real Estate, LLC, $23,400.00, Weirton Improvement Co. 4th Addition
Mark Phillips, Martin Phillips, Estate of Edward L. Phillips to James Ewing, Judith Ewing, Rachel Brown, 4.000 acres, New Manchester
Eugene Traficante Bankruptcy Estate, Martin Sheehan, trustee to Rosemary Traficante, Marland Heights
Keith English to Audrey Sokolovich, 1.2 acres
Regis Molyneaux to Molyneaux Properties, Orchard Park Plan of Weirton
Regis James Molyneaux to Molyneaux Properties, Mt. View Plan of Lots
Regis Molyneaux to Molyneaux Properties, Orchard Park
Regis Molyneaux to Novelty Plus, $12,000.00, Orchard Park
Richard Hard Dye Estate, Christina Scherich, ind. & executrix to Gary Dye, Deborah Dye, Grant District
Marlene Smith Executrix, Scott Sevey Estate, to Haley Nicole Lockhart, $4,500.00, Chester
Matthew Zagula, Stephanie Zagula to Ivan Bertovich, Crissellene, $20,000.00, Weirton
Barbara Guglielmo to Rocco Piermarini, Hillcrest, Weirton
Thomas Ogden, Anna Ogden to Ogden Builders Wholesale, $135,000.00
Roberta Veltri to Drozd Development & Construction Corp. Marland Heights
Mark Woodard to Woodard Properties of PA, Clay District
Mark Woodard, Debra Woodard to Woodard Properties of PA., Grant District
Mark Woodard, Debra Woodard to Woodard Properties of PA, Croxall Addition, Chester
Mark Woodard, Debra Woodard to Woodard Properties of PA, CA Smith Addition to City of Chestser, $46,000.00
Estate of Joan Elizabeth Spano, Marcelle Ann Spano, executrix, to Angela Herman, $195,000.00
Ronald G. Little, Debra M. Little to Timothy Martin Rizor, $33,500.00, Clay District
Estate of Harold Bowers, Cindy Mehlmauer, executrix, to Gladys Smith, George Smith
Beverly Chafin to John Taylor, Jodi Taylor, $56,500.00, Butler District
Jeffrey Gaskins to Lianna Elysee Harris, $23,000.00, Marland Heights
James Matthews, Sherry Matthews to Richard Pellegrino, Jeanne Pellegrino, Weirton
Thomas Szymanek, Pamela Szymanek to Monica Caranda, Mark Caranda, $132,000.00, Culler Addition
Heather Reed to Rebecca Kirchner, $120,000.00, Hillcrest Manor
Konchar Irrevocable Trust, Marilyn Rose Walker, trustee, to Holly Walker Davis, Clay District
Dave Carbasho to Russell Hall, Desarie Cunningham, $148,500.00, Weirton
George Hvizdak, Thomas Hvizdak to Lucas Johnson, Shannon Johnson, Butler
Janina Underwood to Richard Underwood, Cove Valley Estates
Kimmy Lee Gaudreau to Chilson A. Gaudreau, $2,500.00, C. Fergusons 1st Allotment
Shirley Little to Steve Roberts, Kristine Roberts, $39,000.00, Butler District
Frank Andrews Keystone Trust, David Andrews, trustee, Joyce Andrews, trustee, to James P. Swain, $136,500.00, Sun Valley
Sundo Fuscardo, Valerie Fuscardo to Kelly Tobin, $25,000.00, Orchard Park
Darrell Keenan to Howard Carr, Angela Carr, $30,000.00, North Weirton
Larry Onstott to Bennie Parr, Darlene Parr, Owings First Addition
United States of America, Internal Revenue Service, to Andrew E. Boilegh, Brittany Boilegh, Wooddale Plan of Lots
Francis McCaffrey to Francis W. McCaffrey Irrevocable Trust, $128,000.00, Culler 6th Allotment
Tracy Monaco, Vito Monaco to Erwin Nicole R., $60,000.00, Chester Rolling Mill
Unified Bank to Kody A. Green, Hagerty Farm