February Property Transfers

Debra Sparks to Debra Sparks, Roger Sparks, Pine Tree Acres Plan
Justin Adams to Donald Klingler, Adriana Klingler, $103,000.00, Newell Heights
Joseph Mehalik Supplemental Needs Trust, Robert Miller, Elizabeth Jane, trustee, to Michelle L. Galeoti, $90,000.00, Daisy Ralston Property
Albert Flasko, Jacqueline Flasko to CHANGE, Inc., $80,000.00, C. Fergusons First Allotment to Weirton
United States Environmental Protection Agency, West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection to Ergon West Virginia
Joseph Capozzoli, Samantha Capozzoli to Karen M. Sams, Ryan J. Sams, $73,000.00, North Weirton
Estate of Jerome Miller, Daniel J. Miller, executor, to Darl E. Magee, Marland Heights
Edmund DiBacco, Donna DiBacco to Phillip Kim, $17,000.00, Plan of lots entitled C. Ferguson’s First Allotment to Weirton
Robert Connell, Sr. by POA, Ruth Connell by POA, Kimberly Rose Barnhouse, POA, to Alexis Wolf, Ted C. Wood, $95,000.00, George Owings Plan of Lots
William R. Stoffel to Jack S. Hanselman, $17,000.00, Newell First Addition
Richard Thomas Temple, Delores Marie Temple to Christopher Ryan Temple, Grant District
Estate of Jerome Miller, Daniel J. Miller, executor, to Darl McGee, $139,900.00, Marland Heights
Terry Lee Sapos to Frankie Darrah, $88,000.00, Plan of Lots entitled A.C. Donnells Allotment #3
Patricia Handley, Rory F. Handley, Jr. to Brent Zuccolotto, Heather Zuccolotto, $265,000.00, Country Club Estates
Nicholas & Deborah Yoklic Irrevocable Trust, Nicholas Yoklic, trustee, Deborah Yoklic, trustee, to Dewey Provenzano, Melodie Provenzano, $15,000.00, Emily Estates
Travis Campbell, Shiloh Campbell to Jason Blanc, $145,000.00, Grant District
Donna Allmon Brenner to Curtis Schmidt, $125,000.00, Newell
Zachary Beynon to Cheryl A. Colley, $76,000.00, Pierce M. Conner Subdivision of Weirton
William Pendergrast, et ux by WV State Auditor to Leonard Dankochik, Nancy Donkochik, $125.00, Weirton
Linda J. West to James Weintraub, $21,714.89, Orchard Park Plan of Lots, Butler District
Cristy Zimmerman, Gary Zimmerman, Gordon Anderson to Eric Maruca, Chelsea Maruca, $172,000.00, Clay District
Joseph Paolo, Andrea Paolo, to Paolo Irrevocable Trust, Joseph Paolo, trustee, Andrea Paolo, trustee, Woodland Estates
Joseph M. Wenzowski, Luanne Wenzowski to J. Michael & Luanne Wenzowski Living Trust, Luanne Wenzowski, Joseph M. Wenzoski, trustees, Butler District
Lallone Family Revocable Trust, Nancy Deters Successor trustee, to Michael Carone, $179,000.00, Barone Manor
George Harris, Donna Harris to Harris Living Trust, dated August 14, 2004
Daniel Hobbs, Eileen A. Hobbs to Hobbs Revocable Trust dated January 10, 2020
Jerry Cramer to Janet Cramer, Weirton Ice & Coal Supply Subdivision
DeCaria Brothers Rental to Kensington Investments, $115,000.00, Half Moon Companies 1st Subdivision
Six Family Limited Liability to Samantha Jo Shaw, Grant District
Jenny Mallicone to Alesia Rice, Renee Mallicone, revised Arango Plan of Lots
Brian J. Gialuco, Justin Porco, Joseph DiBartolomeo to Emily Rose, $51,400.00, Butler District
Mark Hutton, Teresa Hutton to Amber Groves, Joshua Perenovich, Chester Rolling Mill
George Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Krista Jackson to Patrick Real Estate, $5,250.00, Weirton Improvement Corp.
David Givens to Brian Harkins IRA FBO, Equity Trust Co., custodians, $39,900.00, Butler District
George E. Rowley, Jr., Debra K. Rowley, to Deborah Jeanne Baird, $164,000.00, Butler District
J S K Realty to Alexa Rusinovich, $500.00, Hagerty Subdivision
Lester Fridley to Charles Nurmi, Brenda Nurmi, $35,000.00, Ralph Barone Subdivision
William Gongloff, Dan McKendry to Hilltop Development LLC, $210,000.00, Grant District
Jasen Havens, Joy Havens to Timothy Ward, Yvonne Ward, $65,000.00, Chester
Charles M. Read, Rhonda Read, to Timothy Golling, $48,000.00, Grant
Lea Shirer, Robert Shirer, to Michael Petros, $20,000.00, Buchanan’s Addition No. 1
David Velegol, Carolyn Velegol to John Louis Velegol, Mary Elizabeth Wigginton, Patricia Ann McCarthy, Butler District.
Estate of Patrick Kopa, Susan Rafacz, executrix, to Dustin Wellan, $97,850.00, Buter
Carl Keller to Cailee Lynn Ketter, $150,000.00, Marland Heights
John Pavlic, Tamara Pavlic, $28,000.00, C. Ferguson 1st Allotment
Nancy Shenton by POA Margaret M. Bahnsen to Barbara Shenton, Grant
Nassimi Realty Corp., to Weirton Plaza Realty, 250 Three Springs,
Chet A. Smith to Chet A. Smith, Jennifer A. Rogers, Chester
Mary Mainenti to Mary A. Mainenti, Arletta Salko-Mainenti, Butler/Clay
Donald Reed, Sylvia Reed to Schunk Schunk, Jennifer Schunk, $70,000.00 Grant
Donna Greco-Paine, Diane Fornari Grego, Deborah Catton Greco, Ray S. Greco, II, Rick A. Greco to Sam Greco-Hens, Kathryn Greco-Hens, Marland Heights
Janet Ballantine Saffold to Robert Rosnick, $64,500.00, Weriton
James J. Carter Revocable Trust, Debra Carter Revocable Trust to Matthew Beaman,$79,500.00, Hillcrest Land Co. Subdivision
Chester Die & Machine Company to Metsch Holdings, Grant
George Douglas to Kayla Diebel, Butler
Jennifer Meeker Irrevocable Trust, Jennifer Meeker, trustee, to Linda Link, James Diley, $95,000.00, Map of Chelsea Place New Cumberland
Betty Bartolovich, Matthew Bartolovich, to Ruey A. Read, $70,000.00, Butler District
Neil McLaughlin, Altha McLaughlin, to Terrie Dawn Potts, Brenton Lucas Seymour, $48,000.00, Grant District
William Allen Weekley, Sherry Weekley to Duston Rouse, $160,000.00, Grant
Dalton Davis, Haley Davis to Jean Germain, Jaelle Germain, $115,000.00, Grant District
Janna Obeldobel to Glendon Fisher, $31,500.00, Butler
Samuel Taliani to Steven Findley, Jessica Nichols, $159,000.00, Marland Heights
Joe Lee Stevens, Lawrence Humphreys, Theresa Humphreys, $6,000.00, Butler
Montana Sky to Janet Weston, Oliver Weston, $25,000.00, Weirton
Popcorn Properties to Christine Webb, $4,500.00, Grant
Volusia Ventures to Justin Ash, Kasey Leigh Robinson, $50,000.00, Chester
Montana Sky to Rebecca Hepler, $55,000.00, Grant
Montana Sky to Edward Leroy Lincoln, $15,000.00, Grant
Herman Leigh, Christine Leigh to Weirton Christian Center, $500.00, Elm St.
Ronald Patton to Jan Campbell, $155,000.00, Buckingham Heights
John G. McDevitt Supplemental Needs Trust, Lynn Upton Aynn, successor trustee, to Aynn Lynn Upton, Chester Rolling Mill
Aynn Lynn Upton to Matthew Hewrrygers, Arwen Niles, $195,000.00, Chester Rolling Mill
Gerald Fornwalt, Jr., Lori A. Fornwalt to Liana Barnabei, Joseph Barnabei, $170,500.00, Half Moon Company’s First Subdivision
Gust Kapiris to J&S Rolloff Services, $10,000.00, Hooker Addition
Sadler Revocable Trust, Linda Heilman, trustee, to Mary Kohen, $140,000.00, Laurel Hill Plan of Lots
Jamie Howard, Sarah Howard to Dalton Davis, Haley Davis, $220,000.00, Grant District