Change is Coming to Hometown News!

Change is coming to HOMETOWN NEWS!
Hometown News will transition to a totally digital newspaper beginning  with our June  edition.     All current  subscribers will have their subscriptions converted  to digital.   Simply by providing your e-mail to [email protected] you will then obtain access through
     Why are we converting to digital?  Certainly, the rising cost of printing, postage, and  supplies are major factors.  More important to us, however, is the expenditure of  the time and labor  we devote to producing a print edition.      We believe that the ability to offer the newspaper digitally will allow us to spend more time  covering and conveying the news and less time on labeling, bundling and delivering the printed edition.    All news submissions and photos will continue to be accepted at [email protected].    All the news that matters to you(in-depth coverage of the Board of Education, County Commission, City Councils, etc) will continued to be covered.
“We are a two-person news staff,” said Tamara Pettit, publisher.  “And,  if one (or both) of us is unavailable on the day we  prepare, produce or deliver the paper, our ability to provide you with that week’s news is compromised.  By converting to digital we can update articles and photos to our online edition  on a daily basis thus providing you with  much more up-to-date news.   The digital version will include all the news, features, columns and obituaries  you find in our print version….and more”