The Dogs’ Life by Shannon Sayre

….Pele has had a tough transition to his new home on Aztec Lane.  Unlike his brother, Leo, Pele has always had wonder lust…combine that with a thick neck which makes slipping out of his collar a cinch and he  is a hard dog to keep home especially when he is bent on exploring this great new neighborhood.   Not to speak ill of him, but  Pele is a sneaky dog.  We love him but unlike Leo he is not upfront about his intentions.  Since moving into my new home, he has escaped three times.   But the last escape was by far his longest and worst.

      He senses his Mom is not at her best.  With a fractured tibia and metatarsal bones in my leg; a hard cast with threats to not put any weight on my leg, I am awkward and unable to either dive and tackle him or able to sprint after him yelling “cheese” (more about that later).  So when he awoke me scratching at the door at midnight on Thursday, I wasn’t at my most alert and he knew it.  He leapt over me and was off.

       I  drove around on Route 8 until 4 a.m.; I posted on Facebook; I called my son, Addison, at 1:30 a.m., who joined in the search.  I called my brother, Doug, in San Diego who could do nothing but listen to me sob.  To my credit, I didn’t call Mom.

       At 4 a.m. I returned home.  Pele was gone for sure this time. 

       But, no.  Pele had gone to school, Oak Glen High School that is.   When the custodian and cook came to work they found Pele in the parking lot.  They took him to Principal Dave Smith and someone identified him as my dog.  So when Dave tried to call me (by this time my phone was dead) he called my Mom at 6 a.m.  Bless my Mom who immediately drove to the school to retrieve our wayward dog.

       I love Oak Glen for many reasons.     It is a wonderful school with a caring administration, staff and teachers and I am blessed that I and my kids attended the school.  It also took the time on graduation day to take my little dog into the office; give him water; and call us.

         Pele is getting a fence.  The family’s “get r done” lady is on the project and now has installation set for next Monday.  In the meantime, if you see this dog, please call.