Your Imagination Station

With Connie & Shauna

      So, I promised to tell you all about our TALES week. What a week of fun we had, telling TALES.  We started our week by learning the difference in “tattling” and telling when something happens. We made tattletale tongues and nice chains. Then we read a story about Twisted Tales and made tornado bottles. Tuesday our TALE was about the Three Little Pigs and we had amazing contractors building houses of bricks, straws, or sticks and the big bad wolf tried to blow them all down. Wednesday, we read about Paul Bunyan and made Babe the Blue Ox and pancakes on a plate. Thursday brought little Pied Pipers to the library, with their very own flutes, along with a story about the Little Mermaid and Sebastian. You should’ve seen out little Sebastians we made. And we finished our week off by making STONE SOUP…..for real. The kiddos all helped add the ingredients, and when it ws time to sit down and eat together, they decided that the (real) soup we’d made, wasn’t real tasty. So, we decided to eat pepperoni rolls, chips, snacks and juice instead. What a week of fun!  Keep tuning in to our Facebook page every weekday at 3:00 for a new TAIL themed story and craft.  

   Our Summertime Storytime is still goin” strong. We’re getting new kiddos added to the group every single week, and we are having a summertime BLAST ! If you haven’t joined us yet, stop in on a Wednesday at 11. There’s plenty of room for more kiddos, age birth – 5.

   If yall haven’t made it out to GAME NIGHT yet, boy……ya don’t know what you’re missing. Every Thursday from 4-6, kiddos of all ages get together and play games. Last week, we even had some parents get in on the fun.

   Our new group, The Pin Cushions, met for the first time and made soup cozies. What a good time we had, I definitely will be making some for gifts. We’ll be making them again next month, Aug 13 at 11;00. We’d love to have ya join us.

   HARRY POTTER DAY is just around the corner, on Saturday, July 31 from 11-1. We have so many things planned for that day. You definitely don’t wanna miss out on it. Sign up now, to be sure to have your spot held.

   Our Senior Stretch group got off to a good start. We met the 3rd Sat of the month for some low impact, joint friendly chair stretches, led by Erin Malcomb of Reps and Sets. We’ll be meeting once a month, on a Saturday, at 10am for the ladies, and 10:45 for the gentlemen, for about a half hour each. Come stretch with us.

   Don’t forget about the drop box for used eye glasses. The Lions Club has already picked some up, and the box is filling up again. We love being able to help them, so bring your old glasses in and donate them.

   Speaking of donations, we’re still taking donations for Energy Express for back to school supplies. We have a box that is filling up with backpacks and different supplies, right at the door when you walk in.

   Have you seen our posts about the NEW magazines we now have coming in? We have plenty for adults, as well as for the kiddos. You can check them out, just like a book. Come see if we have your favorite.

    We also now have MAGNIFYING pages to lend out. For those who struggle with smaller print, don’t let that stand in your way of checking out a book. They’re here for you to use. Just ask us. Plus, we also have the LARGE print books from the Library Commission you are able to borrow.

   Check out our Facebook page, Lynn Murray Memorial Library, for all of our videos, pictures, updates and new things coming.  

    Until next time…..remember to grab a book and let your imagination take you places you’ve never been.

    Connie and Shauna