With the first scrimmage game less than two weeks away, Hancock County football fans are worried new artificial turf at Oak Glen and Weir High won’t be installed in time.  Board President Danny Kaser said he felt confident that the artificial turf would be installed, but deferred to Superintendent Dawn Petrovich and Maintenance Director Mark  Dziatkowicz for details.   Kaser said the school with the first scrimmage will have the installation work done first.

                Oak Glen has a scrimmage with Linsly August 19.   The opening game with Weir High on August 27 will be played on Oak Glen’s home field.  The old turf has been removed on both fields and questions as to the date work will begin are being sought.

             The Excess Bond Levy includes $775,652.00 for improvements to athletic fields and facilities.   Also of concern to residents is whether the bleachers in the gymnasiums will be installed in time for the start of school.  Kaser said bleachers need to replaced periodically for safety reasons.  The current  bleachers have been removed in anticipation of the arrival and installation of the bleachers.

           Dziatkowicz did not respond to either an e-mail and phone call from Hometown News on August 5th nor to a subsequent phone call on August 6.  Petrovich did not respond to an e-mail or phone call on August 6.  Both e-mails and phone calls indicated we had a deadline of 5 p.m. August 6.