The Hancock County Board of Education held a special meeting August 17 to make personnel decisions in anticipation of the coming school year.  The Board is slated for a regular meeting on August 25 with students set to return to classes August 30.  At press time Governor Justice has left the “mask or no mask” requirement up to individual counties.  At this time Hancock County will not require masks, but Superintendent Dawn Petrovich has stressed that the decision is subject to change should the COVID situation worsen.

      The Board took the following action:

**Approved Monica Martich as Weirton Elementary Assistant Principal;

**Approved Haley Auld as Oak Glen Middle School Counselor;

**Approved Danielle Bartley as teacher, Grade 1, Weirton Elementary;

**Transferred Marcie Dunn from Pre-K, Special Needs, Allison Elementary, to teacher, Grade 1, Allison Elementary;

**Transferred Angela Cunningham from teacher, Academic Enrichment, Oak Glen Middle, to Social Studies (Grade 7-8), Oak Glen Middle;

**Approved Mitch Wilson as Assistant Volleyball coach, Oak Glen Middle;

**Approved William Wells as Assistant Girls’ Soccer and Timothy Miller as Booster Paid Assistant Football coach, both at Oak Glen High;

**Accepted the resignation of Gary Hostuttler as Assistant Wrestling Coach, Weir Middle;

**Approved a leave of absence for Amy McKitrick and S. Renee Barber;

**Accepted the resignations of Ethan Dray, Business Education teacher, Weir High; Angelina Allen, School Counselor, Weir Middle; Abbey Clark, School Counselor, Weirton Elementary; Mark Conlon, Social Studies teacher, Weir High; Victoria Raeder, Grade 1 Teacher, Allison Elementary; Megan Williams, Kindergarten, New Manchester; and Michelle Hogan, Visually Impaired Teacher, Countywide;

**Transferred Tyler Hamilton from Substitute Aide to Supervisory Aide II-IV/Autism Mentor, initial placement K-4 classroom, Weirton Elementary;

**Approved Keisha D. Shimon as Substitute Bus Driver; Felix Orr as Substitute Custodian; Franca J. Provenzano, Substitute Aide and Beverly K. Merico, Substitute Aide.