Oak Glen football fans are geared up for the season to start. The problem is the Oak Glen field  will not be ready for the opening game between Oak Glen and Weir High.  While the field is prepped for the installation of the artificial turf,  the turf has yet to arrive at press time meaning that the home opener can’t be played at Oak Glen.  Weir High’s new turf, however,  has arrived and is being installed meaning Weir’s  field will be ready for play.

   Oak Glen Head Coach Ted Arneault announced August 20 that Oak Glen will play Weir at Brooke High’s stadium on Saturday, August 28.   School officials had suggested the Oak Glen vs. Weir game could be moved to Weir High and played on the original date of Friday, August 27  or the game could be moved to the last game of the season. Since ten games are scheduled for a ten-week schedule, the game would not interfere with playoffs.

      Oak Glen Athletic Director Richard Shilling said until Oak Glen’s turf is installed, Oak Glen will play its soccer games on Weir High’s field.