The Hancock County Board of Education took the following action at Monday’s Special Meeting:

     **Approved an unpaid Leave of Absence for Kylee Straight and Breanne Underwood;

     **Accepted the resignation of Chloe Pieniazek as Countywide Speech-Language Pathologist;

     **Assigned Victoria Sidon as a School Counselor at Weir Middle School;

     **Transferred Sydney Cromp from Substitute Teacher Countywide to Grade 3 Teacher at Weirton Elementary; Linzy Campeti from Substitute Teacher Countywide to Multi-Categorical/Autism, Weir Middle School; and Karman Gregory from Substitute Teacher Countywide to Kindergarten, New Manchester;

      **Assigned Chris LeFever as Assistant Boys’ Soccer at Weir High School;

      **Transferred Rachel Wright-McKay from Assistant Softball Coach (Paid), Oak Glen High to Assistant Softball Coach (Unpaid);

     **Approved Tiffany McClain as Weir High Class of 2023 Co-sponsor;

     **Accepted the resignation of Tina A. Fiber as Substitute Aide;

    **Transferred Felix M. Orr from Substitute Custodian, Countywide, to Custodian II, Maintenance Dept.

    **Transferred Harry C. Edmund from Substitute Bus Driver, Countywide, to Bus Operator #103;

   **Approved Logan W. Curtis as Custodian II at Weir High;

   **Approved Ronald D. Dunlap as Substitute Mechanics Helper, Transportation Dept.;

   **Approved Richard A. Brant, Substitute Custodian; Jessica A. Stivason and Tiffany Bragg as Substitute Aide