THIS OLD HOUSE….nearly a century old, the New Cumberland Community remains a hub of activity.

               Oh, if those old walls in the Community House in New Cumberland could talk.   They would say happy things.   They would remember generations of youngsters graduating from high school, attending their first dance, roller skating and basketball, oh so much basketball.     Murals on the walls of the Community House  depict youngsters  playing basketball, roller skating, cheering, weight lifting and playing volley ball representative of the vital roll the building has played in many a child’s life.

       Known affectionately to local residents as the “C” House, the  brick building was constructed in the mid-1920s after New Cumberland residents held fund raisers to make it possible.   According to THE HISTORY OF NEW CUMBERLAND in the period following World War I, “the townspeople came to recognize the growing need for a place for group activities,  sports, youth activities, dances and other forms of  entertainment and recreation.  A series of fundraisers would follow and The New Cumberland Community Club was formed.  Stock in the Club was sold at $5.00 per share.  On July 4 1923 and July 4 1924, mammoth celebrations were held at Eden Valley Park which produced significant amounts of revenue towards the projects.       On July 24, 1924, although only partly under roof, the Community House was dedicated with a gala.   Plays, instrumental music, singing by choral groups and speeches  got the new building off to a rousing start.”

    In 1922, the building will see 98 years of service to the community and the building continues to be an important resource for the town..   While other structures have fallen into disrepair, the Community House continues to be hub of activity for local youth  throughout the ensuing years thanks to the efforts of volunteers.   Funded by a Park Levy, approved by New Cumberland voters and overseen by the New Cumberland Park Board, the “C” House closes each summer so that the floor can be redone.  The facility now has a new kitchen and restrooms and most recently, a new entryway.    Aside from the murals, painted 25 years ago, the walls are given a new coat of paint every year.

     According to Board member Andrea Everly,  current activities include Campfire Girls, Jr. Bears cheering, both boys and girls basketball leagues, roller skating and many other activities.    The building is available for rent for a fee of $75.00 and further information can be obtained by calling the City Building at 394-564-3383..