WHEELING, W.VA – West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) is proud to announce the following students have made the President’s List and Dean’s List for the Fall 2021 Semester:

President’s List

The President’s List is comprised of students who maintained a 4.0 grade point average in a minimum of 12 credit hours, excluding developmental courses.


Beallsville –   James Schnegg.

Rayland – Robert Slie.

Steubenville – Benjamin Harbert and Timothy Scott.


Burgettstown – Isabella Pulice and Evan Quering.

West Virginia           

Benwood – Clayton Abate.

Colliers – Matthew Amaismeier, Abigail Dennis and Ryan Taylor.

Dallas – Tanner Mcninch.

Dylan – Kane Nice and Rebecca Voight.

Follansbee – Megan Digiacinto and Kaitlyn Kennen.

Glen Dale – Wyatt Blake, Christopher Bowman and Laura Siler.

McMechen – Stacy Pearson.

Middlebourne – Imagen Andersonand Jordyn Henthorn.

Moundsville – Mary Bonnette, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Savannah Soltesz.

New Cumberland – Lola Atkinson, Gage Mackey and Nicholas Rawson.

New Martinsville – Marjorie Giovinazzo, Carson Palmer, Lily Spratt and Sangita Whiteman.

Paden City – Robert Thomas, Taylor Hope and Danielle Weber.

Proctor – Jakeb Hall.

Madison – Shaye Hartley.             

Reader – Makayla Floyd.

Valley Grove – America Burris, Andrew Burris and Clinton Graham.

Weirton – Vanessa Alatis, Annalese Backel, Michaela Battista, Hailey Beadle, Sara Bodrog, Joseph Bostaph, Michelle Campbell, Nina Daugherty, Sofia DiBacco, Elisa Greco, Stefani Gresko, Kali Krynicki, Alexis Moore, Morgan Owens, Adriana Palumbo,

Byron Speer and Angelina Spickard.

Wellsburg – Ashley Aursulesei, Meghan Digiacinto and Melissa Smith.    

Wheeling – Kayla Apostolec, Richard Dayton, Charles Gordon, Amy Haswell, Logen Johnson, Daniel Knight, Amanda Meeker, Alex Nickerson, Ethan Romanek, Robert Slie,

Abigail Snedeker, Zachary Taylor, Matt Treiber, Ricki Williams and Natalie Jia Min Wong.

Windsor Heights – Kyle Johnston.

Dean’s List

Students attained the Dean’s List by earning a 3.5 GPA in a minimum of nine credit hours, excluding developmental courses.


Clarington – Carter Dennis.

Sardis – Lisa Indermuhle and Mark Sprouse.                  

Toronto – Seth Oliver.

Wintersville – Lauren Jones.


Claysville – Gloria Acor and Keaton Hamberger.

West Virginia

Barnesville – Ashlyn Gordon, Bailee Johnson, Ciara Stewart and Kayla Wall.

Bellaire – Teresa Cooper.

Bridgeport – Danielle Martin.

Buchanan – Nathan Ours.

Cameron – Kiersten Wendt.

Chester – Evan Geisse.

Colliers – Jeffrey Barnes, Emily Giordano and Megan Lauck.

Dallas – Breana Boggs.

Follansbee – Annette Cooper, Jacob Fankhouser, Matthew Hartley, Jonathan Lamar

and Coleton Sutak.

Friendly – Brea Saeger.

Glen Dale – Justin Hall and Rachel Stamper.

Glen Easton – Emily Carter, Indya Clegg and Presley Zirkle.

Hico – Emilee Ellison.

Logan – Breann Schrack.

Martins Ferry – Brittany Hetzer, Alissa Hollingshead, Marissa Lucci and Crystal Stanford.

McMechen – Sierra Burge, Egan Ebeling, Shayleigh Lander and Christopher Orum.

Middlebourne – Katelyn Greathouse and Davon Henderson.

Morgantown – Ashley Kidd.



Moundsville – Abagail Aston, Mia Crow, Erin Detamore, Paige Keyser, Michael Masters and Danielle Roberts.

New Cumberland – Jessica Duty, Kimberly Kenney.

New Martinsville – Damien Curtis, Katherine Foley, Mayson Haddox, Raegan Hale, Andrew Heil, Breanna Herrick, Jazlyn Ingold, Patricia Landino, Betsi Long, Karalyn Lynch, Morgan Moore, Karisa Postlethwait, Maggi Still and Carlin Wade.

Newell – Kennedy Graves and Connor Richards.

Paden City – Jonathan Strother and Brittany Heasley.

Reader – Olivia Brown.

Parkersburg – Gary Davenport.

Proctor –  Ayslynn Ashby-Klug, Cassara Cooley, Garrett Fox, Lydia Klug and Austin Ruckman.

Shadyside – Jaycee Mayeres.

Sisteresville – Carigan Hayes, Brea Saeger and Shauna Warner. 

Tiltonsville – Emily Pasco and Shaylyn Horvath.

Triadelphia – Mallory Griffith, Breanna Parsons, Julianna Pond and Madison Shaffer.

Valley Grove – Connie Burris, Kathryn Smith and Samantha Vargo.

Weirton – Jordan Apesos, Santino Arlia, Dante Daddario, Christine Doggett, Amy Dowler Nathan Elias, Nicholas Elias, Cameron Gray, Matthew Hartley, Brandon Lauck, Dominic Mazur, George McCardel, Jakob Mccombs, Mark Pietranton, Joseph Pino, Corey Ptaszek, John Reid, Jamie Schaszberger, Mason Smith, Madison Southall and Jason White.  

Wellsburg – Kaitlyn Doyle, Brandon Rodgers and Jaelynn Royal. 

Wheeling – Shalyn Beisner, Alecia Blair, Megan Brown, Dylan Browning, Barbarett Corbbins, Aleigha Dodd, Cole Franko, Anna Gaylor, Madison Graski, Vance Hawks, Miranda Hutchison, Sierra Klages, Jessica Koegler, Keera Krause Camron Lucas, Deborah Mckennen, Jacob McKennen, Theodore Miesel, Stacey Minter, Caden Myers, Gabrielle Myers, Abbey Napple, Maria Peroni, Renee Pettingill, Stacey Phillips, Shayla Raab, Sabryna Reyna, Phil Rhein, Anita Rossi, David Saunders, Brittni Scott, Austin Smith, Gabriel Tribett, Corinne Troxell, Savannah Turner-Davis, Clayton Vargo, Whitley Willis, Mary Yoho.

Windsor Heights                 

Matthew Hogsett.

Yorkville – Stephanie Carroll.

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