Eric James Ellis and Alexandria Leigh Wasson

Noah Scott Carney and Sarah Nicole Hernandez

Jeremey Allen McClimans and Madison Marie Luxon

Kenneth Lee Nicholson and Regina Lynn Shreves

Jenny Marie Hicks and Anthony Paul Hill

Morgan Diane Strosnider and Christopher Lawrence Reed

Jessie Clayton James Settle and Alix Lorraine Thierry

Carol Ellen Hanson and Eugene George Fair

Samantha Rae McCoy and Karlee Jo Smith

Mallory Paige Wallace and Christopher Dale Goodin

Brina Leigh Schons and Wayne Eugene Bissett

Thomas Michael Onoriezek and Nia Pearline Schackelford ellis

Michelle Lee Secka and Joseph Paul Mahan

Daniel Jack Sarles and Kayla Marae Duffy

Kevin Thomas Birkmire and Linsey Lucille Markovic

Joseph John Davis and Taylor Nicole Beardmore