“Accessible Tools for Hancock County Schools, an opportunity from the West Virginia Department of Education”

Hancock County Schools was one of two counties in West Virginia to be selected to participate in the Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) pilot program. During this multi-year pilot, our teachers, staff, and students will have access to explore many different types of tools to improve accessibility.

Not all students learn in the same manner. Teachers search for a tool or resource to address the need for each induvial. Some students may have visual impairments and need materials enlarged. Using text to speech tools can assist students with dyslexia and students with physical impairments. Some students become overwhelmed with reading and defining larger words and may need a quick tool to increase their comprehension of printed text.  AEM encompasses all of those supports and much more

Hancock County’s newly formed AEM team of multidisciplinary educational professionals first initiatives of the pilot have included creating a training for Hancock County general education staff members and a step-by-step guide for setting up technology available to all students in Hancock County Schools. This platform will allow teachers to request individual technical assistance. Next, the team will be providing an accessibility checklist to the science book adoption committee.

This supportive opportunity from the West Virginia Department of Education and the National Center for Accessible Educational Materials at CAST will help us as Hancock County educational professionals continue to increase our implementation of accessibility tools and resources to improve learning. Please follow along on our journey as we learn more to share more with our students and community.