Chester City Councilman Ed Wedgewood announced his intent to run for Mayor of Chester in the 2022 Municipal Election Wednesday.

“I believe my experience in both private and public arenas as well my educational background
give me the tools to be an effective Mayor,” said Wedgewood. “This is an important time for the City of Chester as we look to create generational change over the next few years. The arrival of “Home Rule”
revenue will allow us to pave and correct roads, upgrade sorely need equipment and advance
the City of Chester into more modern times. I believe I am the person best suited for this job at
this time. As a councilman over the past four years, I have worked to bring “Home Rule” to
Chester; I’ve championed decisions to make our City more efficient; and served on the boards
of Water and Sewer Department and the Chester City Park.”

Wedgewood cited current projects which include launching a $2+ million project in conjunction with an Army Corps of Engineers grant to overhaul the City’s Water Treatment Plant, implementing a new emergency communication system, and starting a multi-year paving program which will pave every City street over the next few years.

“Should I be elected, I would like to continue to oversee these projects and additionally, I
would shape our budget to include a robust depreciation fund, so that the City would not have
to risk bankrupting itself to pay for essential equipment. We have a constant need for new
police cruisers, street department equipment and vehicles as well as expensive office
equipment for both clerks’ offices. It would be nice not to stress about making such a crucial
purchase when needed. We also need to modernize the City Building so that it will better serve
the community. We have the room and capability to make the City Building a place to go in an
emergency and we should make every effort to make that happen. I’d also work to tear down
dilapidated homes which are dangerous and cause blight. By placing liens on the property, the
City could recapture the expense of tearing down the houses and use that money to roll into
another teardown. If elected, I believe I can lead each of these efforts,” he said.

Wedgewood, 41, is a 1999 Oak Glen graduate. He earned his bachelor of arts degree in Political
Science from West Virginia University in 2004. He is currently Third Ward Councilman for the
City of Chester where he serves on the Chester Water and Sewer Department Board of
Directors and is also the Secretary of the Chester City Park Board. Ed lives and works in Chester
as a Senior Business Systems Analyst at True North LLC. He has worked in the health
information industry for the past 16 years and as councilman for the past 4 years.