The John D Rockefeller career Center Graphic Design Students collaborated with Weirton Elementary to develop, design and install a sensory path located in the PreK – wing of Weirton Elementary.

The project was a huge undertaking (150ft ) and accomplishment in that high school students from both Weir and Oak Glen High Schools had never done anything like this before. The students worked tirelessly during their time in their simulated workplace environment under the direction of Elizabeth Walsh the graphics teacher at the JDR to include the many different elements requested by the collaboration team.

The team was comprised of faculty from Pre-k to administration at the school and within the county. Students took the lead and were invested to get the path and bike track installed on their own time over their Christmas holiday break. The graphics’ students are exemplary models of student leaders and giving back to their community as well as the fellow students of Hancock County Schools.

The hallway comes to life thru their whimsical graphics on the walls and floor that the students love to interact with to help with movement when the weather does not permit outside activities and helps with anxiety challenges throughout the school day. The path has been a wonderful addition to the Weirton Elementary Schools learning community. It is a wonderful collaboration project seeing younger and older students working together to develop a common goal.