The controversy over the hiring of Hancock County School’s Personnel Director Sarah Parsons continues to escalate.  The Hancock County Education Associate has now issued a vote of “no confidence” in Superintendent Dawn Petrovich and the four Board members who voted to appeal the administrative law judge’s decision to bid that position out.   The four Board members who voted to appeal appear steadfast in their resolve not to change their vote or to explain what happened in the Executive Session.  If there is a compelling reason they voted to appeal when they emerged, it needs to be revealed to the public.  They not only owe the public an explanation, they owe it to themselves if they are to restore their creditability otherwise  their tenure on the Board will be judged by this sole vote.  While their attorney may be advising otherwise citing attorney/client privilege, the power to waive that privilege…… either as an individual member or as a group….. is theirs alone.

          The HCEA’s news release revealed another  disturbing issue.   While personnel at seven schools were able to vote yay or nay on the “no confidence” vote, approximately 40 employees at Weir Middle School were not permitted to do  so.   The principal who denied the employees the opportunity to vote needs to be held accountable by the administration and the Board.  All personnel in our school system need to be treated equally and it appears they were denied a fundamental right.