Brett Lemley, 48 Gabi Dr, New Cumberland

Age: 57

What is your education? What experience would you bring to the job?

I am a 1982 graduate of Oak Glen High School. Currently, I hold a position at Ergon Inc, oil refinery, where I oversee the technical operation of a sector of the refinery. My job is to delegate and keep things running efficiently to maximize output. I believe that my work experience can be used to minimize waste in Hancock county to achieve better community results.

What do you believe to be the primary responsibility of the County Commission?

The primary role of the county commission is to handle financial responsibilities and efficiently lead the county. I believe this is best accomplished by upholding accountability for all of those under the commission’s administration. I believe the commission should be appropriately delegating responsibilities between county departments to maximize results and avoid oversight.

What qualities do you possess that prepare you for the County Commission seat?

Before this question, I asked close friends and family for characteristics that they would use to describe me. Honest, fair, dedicated, and hard-working were their answers. In my personal and professional life, I always give 110% to the task before me. I will give my all to use this position to help our community grow. I believe in a no-nonsense approach, I intend to be fair and honest in promoting growth with transparency on the path to get there.

Hancock County has experienced both population and industry/business loss in the past ten years. What do you believe the Commission can do to reverse both losses?

First, we have to clean up the appearance of this county. The commission should use their platform to work with other state and federal entities to improve roads, parks, and infrastructure to attract new business. The addition of jobs and infrastructure brings growth and increased population. In summary, cleaning up our county is the first stepping stone on the path to improvement.

The County spends $30,000.00/year on membership in the Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle. Two of our municipalities (Chester and New Cumberland) no longer hold membership in the BDC. Do you support continuing the Commission’s membership? Do you think, to date, the County has gotten an acceptable return on its investment?

To my knowledge, besides an unfinished building in Chester, the BDC has brought no growth to Hancock County. $30,000 per year could be better spent elsewhere; for example, the addition of a marketing position in the county. A position whose sole purpose is to market what Hancock County has to offer for businesses and citizens.

Senate Bill 12, passed in 2021, gives County Commissions the opportunity to review and approve, amend or rescind any rules and regulations adopted by the Hancock County Health Board. Under what circumstances would you vote to rescind actions of an appointed board?

I would vote to amend or discard rules and regulations that infringe on the direct right of citizens and business owners. I firmly believe that the community should have a voice on voting for rules and regulations that effect every citizen in the county. Everyone should have a voice on major decisions and I will be that voice.