Rachel Keeney, Executive Director of The Top of West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau, gave a presentation of activities and programs they offer the community during the April 19th club meeting. She also answered questions and encouraged suggestions from the attendees. Pictured is Rachel Keeney and New Cumberland Lions Club President, Andrew Kefer.

The April 19 meeting of the New Cumberland Lions Club was brought to order by President Andrew Kefer.  The Prayer was offered by Lion Rick Tinsky and the Pledge was led by Lion Jim Wells.  President Kefer introduced the guest Rachel Kinney, Executive Director of the Top of WV Convention and Visitors Bureau.  She provided information on events in the area.  For additional information, the website is, email is [email protected] and the phone number is 877-723-7114.  The minutes were accepted as read and the treasurer’s report was placed on file for audit.  Communications were received from the following: Thank You cards were received from the WV Lions Sight Conservation Foundation, Inc. for donations from the Club in honor of Lions Don Greathouse, Edwin Flowers and the donation from the Club included in the Club’s Parade of Checks; Thank You received from WV Lions Youth Camps & Exchange for donation from the Club; a request from the Leader Dogs for the Blind for donations;  A letter from the New Cumberland Festival & Parade Committed with information on the upcoming Memorial Day Parade.Unfinished Business: The club will be providing a pulled pork fundraiser in the parking lot of the Swaney Library on May 28, which is the weekend of the Moto Guzzi rally in New Cumberland.  Further details will be provided once they are available.  

New Business:  Lion Jeanne Cox will provide transportation for the Club to participate in the New Cumberland Memorial Day Parade.  Lion Peggy Lee will be participating in the parade.  Other members are welcome.  Plans will be finalized at the May 17 meeting.

The Highway Spring Clean-up is scheduled for April 30 with members meeting at the Highway Garage on Veterans Blvd at 9:00 AM.  If weather prohibits clean-up on this day it will be held on May 7 at the same time. 

Lion Betsy Wells presented the slate of officers for the 2022-2023 year.  The floor was opened to nominations.  With no nominations offered, a vote was held to approve the slate of officers.  It was approved by unanimous vote.

The May 10 meeting will be moved to MAY 17 due to May 10 being election day with the meeting room a designated polling place.

Lion Minute:  Lion Rick Tinsky offered information as to donations for Ukraine provided through the Christian Church in New Cumberland.  Lion Jeanne Cox offered information as to the upcoming Flag Program that she will host at New Manchester Elementary School in May.    The program for the May meeting will be Youth Services System.  With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.PHOTO: Rachel Kinney, left, with President Andrew Kefer, right