JUST MY OPINION….by Tamara Pettit

       The Board of Education has been at the forefront of this Primary Election.  The attention on the race is unprecedented in Hancock County as is the number of candidates who put their name on the ballot for a job that pays little; carries a great deal of responsibility; and produces tremendous aggravation.

      You are able to  vote for three candidates for the Board.   Ed Fields should be one of those three votes.   Fields is not a candidate whose interest in Hancock County Schools and its students is recent nor is his candidacy  prompted by a single issue.   A former Board member, his commitment  to our schools  is longstanding  and not narrowly focused.  He is a frequent face at all sporting events throughout the County and through his  involvement has worked to provide both academic and sports opportunities the students.    He  would bring knowledge, stability and a sense of what is right and fair to the position.   Ed has been outspoken in his stance that every parent who places a phone call to the Superintendent should receive a return call within 24 hours.  He has clearly stated his views about the need to adhere to requirements that evaluations of principals be held annually. A former West Virginia State Trooper, Ed is not one to deviate from the law and will hold administrators accountable for their performance.    

     I think it’s also important that you weigh  your vote on incumbent candidate Danny Kaser based upon his performance over the past four years.  While  I don’t agree with Kaser’s vote to appeal the Administrative Law Judge’s ruling on the Human Resource Director controversy,  he has shown unwavering commitment to the County’s students and demonstrated strong leadership during the COVID crisis.  

   And, please, before you cast your votes look at the platform of those candidates who responded to our questionnaire,  be very skeptical about those candidates who did not share their positions either by answering the questionnaire or by showing up at “Meet Your Candidate” events.