The race for  County Commission is an important one for  voters.   Hancock County stands at a critical juncture.   We continue to  experience a decline in population. Businesses and industry have closed or are struggling.   The economic development  we have been assured is coming continues to locate elsewhere.    It’s disheartening to see new business and industry announcements in Brooke County or to see the progress in nearby Ohio and Pennsylvania while Rock Springs Business Park sits vacant.  Your County  Commissioners are at the forefront of steering the County’s direction and three candidates are vying for the Clay District seat:  incumbent Paul Cowey,  Brett Lemley and Ted Arneault, Jr.   While all three are running on a platform of  moving Hancock County forward, their methods differ and their philosophies vary.

       Ted Arneault, Jr.  has an action plan and has shared that plan with voters.  It will not be “business as usual” if Arneault is elected Commissioner.  He understands that the stakes are too high to be content with the status quo.  As an educator and coach he is aware that our future is contingent upon growing  jobs so young people can once again make Hancock County their home.  As your County Commissioner he will take a more active role in the economic development of the County.   Currently the Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle serves as the lead economic development agency for Hancock County and he would ask for an evaluation of the BDC to see what the County has received for its investment.

     Arneault  will bring his energy, enthusiasm and fresh perspective to the County Commission along with the proven  team-building skills he used to re-vitalize and invigorate the Oak Glen football program.   It’s time Hancock County wins!