BodyThe John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center, a Model Simulated Workplace, honored graduating seniors and completers at a ceremony held on May 17, 2022. This group included 83 students from Oak Glen High School and Weir High School. In attendance were the students’ families, JDR4CC staff, Mr. Larry Shaw from the Hancock County School Board, Director of Student Services Ms. Andrea Dulaney, Weir High Principal Mrs. Kristen Bissett, and Weir High Assistant Principals Ms. Jeanne Pellegrino and Ms. Kelly Lawton.   The banquet began with a welcome and introductions by Mr. Dan Enich, Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education.   Students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. The NTHS honors student achievement and leadership in Career and Technical Education. The students inducted included: Natalie Anderson, Sean Baker, Michael Bolinger, Nicholas Buck, Caleb Cline, Justin Coble, Paydon Conley, Hayden Crago, Elijah Craiger, Brandon Efaw, Ryley Fletcher, Quinton Franklin, John Freshour, Andrew Giambroni, Ellen Hartley, Anthony Hernandez, Seth Holbrook, Kayla Holmes, Xavier Howard, Emma Hutchison, Avery Kearns, Tessa Kefer, Brayden Kell, Aryel Kintyhtt, Summer Kintyhtt, Andrew Lamp, Adelynn Lawton, Lauren Licause, Ethan Lively, Alex Lopez, Maggie Lively, Jerzee McCallister, Morgan MacGregor, Jianna McNeil, Gavin Malcomb, Richard Markle, Lydia Mascio, Phoebe Molish, Haylee Nixon, Brianna Riggle, Abigail Roberts, Jessie Rowland, Eric Schlotter, Cecil Shafer, Patrick Slattery, Serina Smith, Ryan Speirs, Karah Theiss, Justin Velegol, Charidy Ward, Adam Willey and Spence Wilson.   WV Governor’s Workforce Credential was created to ensure that West Virginia’s developing workforce has industry-ready skills to meet first-rate business and industry expectations. The WV Governor’s Workforce Credential allows employers to quickly identify those potential employees for high-quality job openings. Only those students who have proven exceptional achievement in technical abilities, academics and work readiness skills are awarded this honor. Ms. Karissa Poszywak, JDRCC Assistant Principal, recognized the following senior students with this achievement: Emma Hutchison, Andrew Lamp, Jianna McNeil and Phoebe Molish.   Ms. Karissa Poszywak also presented Perfect Attendance Awards to students who had perfect attendance throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Those students receiving this recognition were Daniel Kuhns, Andrew Lamp, and Gavin Malcomb.   SKILLS USA is a national career and technical student organization that prepares students for employment by developing framework skills such as personal, workplace and technical proficiencies. Each year SKILLS USA WV holds a competition where students from around the state compete to demonstrate their knowledge and technical abilities. The following students were recognized for their participation: Quinton Franklin, 4th place in diesel technology; Andrew Lamp, 5th place in auto technology; Evan Logston, Rylie O’Rourke and Abigail Roberts, 1st place state champions in community service; Gavin Malcomb, 2nd place in tee shirt design; Lydia Mascio, 1st place state champion in medical terminology; and Charidy Ward, 4th place in pin design.   Certificates were given to completers for the number of hours each student accrued during their time in the JDRCC simulated workplace. The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to a student who had exceeded all the requirements of each CTE program. Students receiving certificates included: Auto Collision Technology/Mr. Milt O’Mery, Instructor- Summer Kintyhtt (Outstanding Achievement Award)   Automotive Technology/Mr. Jeff Hardy, Instructor- Michael Bolinger, Nicholas Buck, John Freshour, Andrew Lamp (Outstanding Achievement Award), Alex Lopez, and Jose Mendoza-Torres   Baking and Pastry/Chef Steven Fuscardo, Instructor-Madelyn Adkins, Julianna Anderson, Lillian Geer, Katelyn Henson, Tessa Kefer (Outstanding Achievement Award), Elizabeth Lancaster, Lily Lyons, Alysha Mayhew, and Blaine Pannett   ProStart Culinary/Chef Steven Fuscardo, Instructor- Hayden Crago, Rylee Curtis, De’Shawn Gray, Ellen Hartley (Outstanding Achievement Award), Xavier Howard, Aryel Kintyhtt, Adelynn Lawton, Maggie Lively, Tiffany May, Kiara Moore, and Haylee Nixon   Carpentry/Mr. Steve Shannon, Instructor- Adam Burdette, Shawn Denunzio, Seth Holbrook, Avery Kearns, Brayden Kell, Morgan MacGregor, Kaiden Nichols, Eric Schlotter, Cecil Shafer, Patrick Slattery (Outstanding Achievement Award), Justin Velegol, and Spence Wilson   Diesel Technology/Mr. Jim Luevano, Instructor- Elijah Craiger, Brandon Efaw (Outstanding Achievement Award), Ryley Fletcher, Quinton Franklin, William Gotschall, Daniel Kuhns, Richard Markle, Harold Masters, Jerzee McCallister, Savannah Noakes, Bryce Ogden, Ashton Regan, and Shane Sweeney   Graphic Design/Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh, Instructor-Aidan Jones, Evan Logston, Rey Lopez, Gavin Malcomb (Outstanding Achievement Award), Mackenzie McDonald, Rylie O’Rourke, Abigail Roberts, Jessie Rowland, Daniel Thibodeaux, and Charidy Ward   Health Science Education/Mrs. Wendy DeAngelis and Mrs. LaDonna Smith, Instructors- Natalie Anderson, Paydon Conley, Kayla Holmes, Emma Hutchison, Lauren Licause, Lydia Mascio (Outstanding Achievement Award), Jianna McNeil (Outstanding Achievement Award), Phoebe Molish, Brianna Riggle, Grace Roupe, Serina Smith, and Karah Theiss. Outstanding Clinical Performance is awarded to Health Science students who excelled during clinicals at Stone Pear Pavilion.  The 2022 recipients were Kayla Holmes and Phoebe Molish.   Welding Technology/Mr. Jim Chappell, Instructor– Sean Baker, Caleb Cline, Justin Coble, Andrew Giambroni, Anthony Hernandez (Outstanding Achievement Award), Ethan Lively, Gage Logston, Ryan Speirs, and Adam Willey   Several scholarships were given during the ceremony. The Orchards of Foxcrest Scholarship awards a scholarship to a student who is continuing his or her education in the health care field and who is currently employed at their facility. Maria Boyd, Human Resources Assistant from The Orchards, presented this scholarship to Kayla Holmes. The Serra Village/ WGC Foundation Scholarship was also created for a student continuing his or her education and employed at their facility. This year the scholarship was awarded to Jianna McNeil. The John D. Rockefeller IV CDL Scholarship is a 100% paid scholarship to the JDR4CC CDL adult program. The auto collision, auto technology, welding and diesel instructors voted on the student from these programs that will pursue a CDL within the next year, showed academic and skill level proficiency and the desire to advance in this field. The scholarship was awarded to Ryan Speirs. The John D. Rockefeller IV Practical Nursing Scholarship is a one-year, 100% paid scholarship to the JDR4CC Practical Nursing adult program. The scholarship is awarded to a student that reflects great knowledge, motivation, love for the profession and a positive academic approach. The recipient is a member in good standing in the JDR4CC therapeutics program and is selected by Mrs. Smith and Mrs. DeAngelis. This scholarship was presented to Emma Hutchison. The Lions Club awards one Oak Glen student a scholarship to help further his or her education. This year’s recipient of the Lions Club Scholarship was Haylee Nixon. The NAPA Diesel Technology Award is a diesel toolkit donated by Gregg Pavan, owner of the Weirton and Burgettstown local NAPA stores. This toolkit was awarded to Savannah Noakes.   At the conclusion of the evening, Mr. Dan Enich presented the esteemed Director’s Award. The recipient of this award is chosen from those students who were awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award. The student receiving the Director’s Award is an exemplary student who strives for excellence both at their home school and in the simulated workplace environment. The Director’s Award for 2022 was presented to Andrew Lamp.   The John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center congratulates all their graduates and completers. For more information on the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center’s high school and adult programs, visit or call 304-564-3337. We will ROCK you!