Mick v Hancock County Board of Education (Docket No. 2022 0038-HanED) made an appearance on the agenda of the Board’s regular meeting Monday.  Listed under unfinished business for an “update, discussion and possible action”, the Board instead voted to go into executive session for the update and discussion.  Oak Glen Principal Alysa Mick who filed the grievance was present at the meeting as was her attorney, Alex Risovich.  A student expulsion was also discussed during that executive session.

     The Board emerged after a lengthy session, and took no action.  The Board has appealed the Administrative Law Judge’s ruling to rebid the Human Resource Director position currently held by Sarah Parsons.    Board members Danny Kaser, Toni Hinerman and Michelle Chappell’s terms are set to expire June 30 when Ed Fields, Gerard Spencer and Jim Horstman will take office.  Regular Board meetings are slated for June 13 and June 27.  The Board must conduct an evaluation of Superintendent Dawn Petrovich along with a self-evaluation prior to July and will do so at a special meeting on June 14.  Indications are they will discuss the grievance at that time.

      The Board congratulated winners of the Golden Horseshoe candidates from Hancock County:  Ella Paras, Oak Glen Middle; Michah Hvizdak, Weir Middle; Cayden Braswell, Weir Middle; and Ethaniel Baker, St. Joseph the Worker.

In other business, Board:

**Approved a leave of absence for Danielle Bartley;

**Accepted the following resignations effective at the end of 2021-22 school year: Levy Naylor, school psychologist, special education dept.; Taylor Giannamore, multi-categorical/autism, Weir Middle; Teirra Duffy, math teacher, Weir High; Ryann Vranovich, social studies teacher, Weir High; and Amanda Anders, teacher, Oak Glen Middle;

**Accepted the resignation effective end-of-day, May 31 for Mia Kerber, teacher, alternative learning center;

**Accepted the resignation of Duffy as Key Club sponsor at Weir High;

**Transferred Josh Weltner from Assistant Football Coach to Head Football Coach at Oak Glen Middle;

**Approved the following coaching assignments at Oak Glen High:  Football – assistants Scott Pryor, Jason Wiley and Ray Pernell; Boys’ Basketball – head, Gerald Everly, assistants, Jason Wiley and Brian Hissam; Girls’ Basketball – Head Scott Wiley, assistants Ashley Tharp, Rachel Wright-McKay, unpaid/volunteer assistants Ray Six and Payden Eckleberry; Wrestling – assistant Brandon Miller, Josh Cornell and Alex Shuman; Boys’ Track – head, Rance Everly, assistant, Joshua Weltner, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Richard Everly, statistician unpaid/volunteer, Kathy Everly; Girls’ Track – head, Ashley Tharp, assistant, Ryan Wells, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Erin Malcomb; Baseball – Head, Eric Hayden; assistant, Robert Bozek, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Mark McHaffie and Mark Shenton; Girls’ Softball – Head, Sherrie Garner, assistant, Rhonda Stipec, Assistant unpaid/volunteers, Stephanie Fidak and Rachel Wright-McKay;  Girls’ Volleyball – head, Morgan Poling, assistant, Julie Zoellars, assistant, unpaid/volunteer Ray Six; Boys’ Tennis – head Brooke Provenzano; Girls’ Tennis Head – Kenneth Keller; Boys’ Soccer – Jaison Polly, assistant, Dallas Brewer; Cheerleading– head, Debbie Fish, assistant Jennifer Snider; Golf – head Joe Provenzano, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Rick Provenzano; Cross Country – head, Lindsey Spilecki, Jeremy Krzys; Swimming – head Chris Hill, assistant, Brandis Kosonovich;

**Approved the following coaching assignments at Oak Glen Middle: Football – assistant Scott Little, assistant (booster paid) Adam Davis; Boys’ Basketball – Head, Ken McElhaney, assistant, Jake McEhaney; Girls’ Basketball – head, Ryan Wells, assistant, Adam Davis, statistician, unpaid/volunteer , Dan Lawrence; Wrestling – head, Garrett Railing, assistant, Mitch Wilson, assistant unpaid/volunteer , Ryan Pasco; Boys’ Track – head, Richard Gibson, assistant, Erin Malcomb; Girls’ Track – head, Diane Wells, assistant Steven McConnachie; Volleyball – head, Michelle McHaffie, assistant, Mitch Wilson, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Mark McHaffie;

**Approved the following coaching assignments at WEIR HIGH:  Football – head, Frank Sissini; assistants David Cowden, John Leary, Quinton Smith, Gerard Spencer, Tom Taylor, Matthew DeAngelis, Assistant unpaid/volunteer, Terri Sissini; Boys’ Basketball – head, Anthony Santangelo, Assistant, Dylan Cassiadoro, Assistant unpaid/volunteers, Larry Hood and Daniel McWhorter; Girls’ Basketball – head, Richard Stead, assistant, Eric Pipo, Assistant unpaid/volunteer. Raymond Case; Wrestling – head, Tom Taylor, assistant, Eric Pipo, assistant unpaid/volunteer – Perry Miotlowski; Boys’ Track – head, Tom Taylor, assistant, Gerard Spencer; Girls’ Track – head, Jeffrey Lewis, assistants Kristen Malinowski, unpaid/volunteers Monica Martich and Dan Mastrantoni; Baseball – head, David Cowden, assistants Rodney Rosnick, Tim Provenzano, unpaid/volunteer, Perry Miotlowski; Girls’ Softball – head, John Leary, assistants Joe Aperfine and Jenna Wilson; Girls’ Volleyball – head, Francesca Capaldi, assistant , Ashleigh Kaufman; Golf – head Lucas Flaus, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Steven Kettler; Boys’ Tennis – Head, Constantina Hajionnou,  unpaid/volunteer, Aaron Velegol; Girls’ Tennis – head, Steven Kettler; Cross-Country – head, Jeffrey Lewis; Boys’ Soccer – assistant, George Martich; Girls’ Soccer – head, Jeremy Angelo, assistant Kristen Malinowski; Swimming – head, Jason Bennett, assistant, Claire Stewart; Cheerleading – head, Macey Gump, assistant Taelor Frankhauser; Bowling – head, Bob Babinchak, assistant unpaid/volunteer, Charlie Whiteman; Athletic Trainer, John Hollister;

**Approved the following coaching assignments at WEIR MIDDLE:  Football – assistants Gary Hostuttler and Scott Cook; Boys’ Basketball – assistants, Jason Angle and Justin Horstman; Girls’ Basketball – assistants Joseph Jimboy and Jessica Naughton; Wrestling – assistant Stan Robinson; Boys’ Track – assistants John J. Pennacchio, Jr. and George Martich; Girls’ Track – assistants Monica Martich and Natalie Simich; Cheerleading – assistant Kim Trushel.

**Approved the following EXTRA-CURRICULAR ASSIGNMENTS – OAK GLEN MIDDLE: Chorus – Bethany Fernbaugh; Band – Kimberly Smith; Yearbook – Sydney Wagstaff;  Newspaper – Stephanie Kuca; Student Council – Mandy McGeehan; and Technology Site – Rick Brown;

**Approved the following EXTRA-CURRICULAR ASSIGNMENTS – WEIR MIDDLE:  Yearbook – Stacey Riggs; Builders Club – Stacey Riggs; We Take a Stand – Amy Angle; Technology Site – Eric Olson’

**Approved the following EXTRA-CURRICULAR ASSIGNMENTS – OAK GLEN HIGH:  Band  and Chorus – Wendy Zinn; Yearbook – Jennifer Molish; Student Council – Edson Arneault; Pep Club – Trisha Enochs; Key Club – Jennifer Molish; National Honor Society Co-sponsors – Amanda McKinney and Elissa Greathouse; Masque & Sword – Lindsey Spilecki; Culture Club – Michelle Bernardi; Art Club – Elissa Greathouse; Play Director – Lindsey Spilecki; Senior Class – Cynthia Nelson, Elissa Greathouse, Amanda McKinney; Junior Class – Chris Hill Niolette Hill; Sophomore Class – Michelle Bernardi, Julie Zoellars; Freshman Class – Angela Chaffin, Trisha Enochs;

**Approved the following EXTRA-CURRICULAR ASSIGNMENTS – WEIR HIGH: Band – Joshua Garrett; Student Council – Gavin Koratich; Yearbook – Morgan Bricker; Newspaper – Morgan Bricker: Lit Magazine – Betty Smith; National Honor Society – Betty Smith; Drama Club – Corey Miller; Future Business Leaders of America – Candice Dotson; NTHS – Candice Dotson; GAA – Sarah Alkire; Dance Club – Kristin Palavis; Class of 2023 Co-Sponsors – James Traux, Tiffany McClain; Class of 2024 co-sponsors – Kristen Malinowski, Natalie Charlton; Class of 2025 Co-Sponsor – Jason Bennett and Kristen Palavis; Class of 2026 Co-Sponsors – Emily Hores and Michelle Petrella;

**Approved the following EXTRA-CURRICULAR ASSIGNMENT – ROCKEFELLER CAREER CENTER:  Skills USA – Elizabeth Walsh

**Approved leave of absences for Alissa Altomare and Raylena Givens;

**Accepted the resignation of Paul Griffenbert as Custodian II, Weirton Elementary;

**Assigned Betty Dennis as bus operator for the Storybook Café Program June 21 to June 28;

**Assigned Patricia Barr as bus operator for the Summer Energy Express Program, June 20 to July 29;

**Assigned bus operators for the Summer Sole Program, June 6 to June 30: Bill Wiseman, Jodi Davis, Joslyn Risk, William King, Ron Lesky, Roseanna Finney; Food Truck Driver – Nicole Hurst; Cooks – Deborah Scott, Melissa McIntosh and Lisa Sayre; Supervisory Aide/AM – Robin Lojszczyk; Transportation Supervisory Aides Tonia Witherow and Thanachakorn Boehm;

**Approved a summer substitute bus operator  contract for Harry Edmonds;

**Approved a summer mechanics helper substitute contract for James Barr;

** Transferred Oliver Lonkert from Custodian II, Maintenance Dept. to Custodian IV/GM, Rockefeller Career Center;