The regular meeting of the Hancock County Museum Commission was called to order at 2:00 PM, May 4th at the museum with President Vivian Weigel leading in the pledge to the flag.

            Those attending were:  Vivian Weigel, Lois Carpini, Janet Keller, Marcus Trelaine, Alice Mitchell, and Doris Cameron.

            Minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously accepted as mailed.

            Treasurer Marcus Trelaine presented the financial statement which was placed on file for audit.

            Marcus further reported our 990EZ report is prepared and ready to file at a cost of $15 should our cash flow exceed the annual limit.  This report is due annually if needed.

            OLD BUSINESS;

            Janet Keller reported Jerry Werkheiser will be installing the new toilet at his earliest convenience. Vivian reported Mike Dulaney has been engaged to install a new electrical panel box in the basement this week.

            Marcus Trelaine submitted an updated Deed of Loan form that was accepted.

Summer Lecture Series has engaged PJ Zuros for September 18th.


President Vivian reported Greg Blake has our Website up and running with assistance of the Green Geek Co.  Kathy Beagle has offered to maintain a Facebook page for us.

Marcus Trelaine reported searching out a portable microphone noting a cost of about $200.

Vivian reported receiving an invitation from the New Cumberland Festival Parade Committee to participate in the Memorial Day Parade.

Vivian reminded us of the program about the Life of W.E. Wells of Homer Laughlin China being presented by Marcus Trelaine on May 17th at the East Liverpool Community and Learning Center.

Before closing Marcus Trelaine announced his resignation as our treasurer in three months due to many other civic duties.

Our next meeting will be June 1, at 2:00 PM at the museum.  All are welcome!

The business of the day being completed the meeting was adjourned.