While the Hancock County Board of Education continues to go into Executive Session to discuss the Mick vs Hancock County Board case, no action on the issue was taken at Monday’s meeting.   The current Board voted 4 to 1 to appeal the Administrative Law Judge’s ruling that the Human Resource Director position be rebid after one of the candidates, Oak Glen Principal  Alysa Mick was, filed a grievance.  The ruling found that Superintendent Dawn Petrovich had exhibited favoritism in the selection of her  close friend Sarah Parsons for the position.  New Board members Ed Fields, Gerard Spencer and Jim Horstman will take office July 1 replacing Board President Dan Kaser, Toni Hinerman and Michelle Chappell. 

      The Board recognized 26 employees retiring from the system at the conclusion of the school year.  Petrovich said that those retiring represented 325 years of service to the Hancock County School system.

      The professional and service personnel pay schedule was approved on a 3-2 vote.  Board members Rick Gillette and Michelle Chappell voted no.  Question was raised regarding the coaching supplements for various sports.  Finance Director Joe Campinelli assured the Board members that the supplements could be revisited and revised at a later date.

     The Board took the following action on personnel matters:

**Granted a leave of absence to Leah Reasbeck, Emily Ruiz and Sierra Blair;

**Accepted the resignations of Tiffy McClain, Math teacher, Weir High, and Stephanie Kuca, English teacher, Oak Glen Middle; Erikka Bennett, county substitute; and Lola Bender, countywide substitute;

**Approved transfer assignments for the following teachers: Caura Speece, Multi-Categorical Autism, Oak Glen Middle, to Multi-Categorical/Autism, Oak Glen High; Antonina Frey, Grade 1, Weirton Elementary, to Grade 2, Weirton Elementary; Garrett Railing, countywide substitute to English, Grade 7, Oak Glen Middle; Kelly Firman, Multi-Categorical/Autism, Oak Glen Middle, to Grade 6, Oak Glen Middle; James Cassiadora, Alternative Learning, to PE/Health, Weirton Elementary; Amanda Friley, Science, Weir Middle, to Science, Weir High; Rachel Wright-McKay, School Nurse, Oak Glen Middle, to School Nurse, Oak Glen High;

**Approved the Assignment of Dan Lawrence to Academic Enrichment, Oak Glen Middle;

**Approved Kyna Maradei, BCBA, and Michelle Elias, Physical Therapist, for the 2022 Summer Sole Program;

**Approved administrative release for substitute teacher Ray Lombardi;

**Approved coaching resignations of Ron Smith, Assistant Boys’ Basketball, Weir High, and Erin Malcolmb, Assistant Boys’ Track, Oak Glen Middle;

**Transferred Adam Davis from Assistant Football Coach, booster paid, Oak Glen Middle, to Assistant Football, Oak Glen Middle;

**Named Sarah Marie Young Assistant Cross Country Coach, Weir High.  She is an unpaid volunteer;

**Accepted extra-curricular resignations from Amy Angle, We Take A Stand, Weir Middle, and Stephanic Kuca, newspaper, Oak Glen Middle;

**Assigned Sydney Watstaff, Oak Glen Middle School Yearbook Advisory; Betty Smith-Montgomery, Countywide Academic Games Advisory; and Jennifer Patterson, Oak Glen High Science Club;

**Transferred Josh Cornell from Assistant Wrestling Coach, Oak Glen High School, to Head Wrestling Coach, Oak Glen High School;

**Granted an unpaid leave of absence for Raylena Givens;

**Approved the following transfers: Sandra Lusk, Supervisory Aide/AM, Weir Middle, to Cook III, Weirton Elementary; Denise Hayes, Secretary III, Transportation Dept, to Secretary III, Board Office; Paul Tate, Custodian IV/GM, Weir High to Mail Clerk/Clerk II, Maintenance Dept.; Holly Winterrowd, Sup. Aide/ECCAT/AM PreK, Allison Elementary, to Sup. Aide/ECCAT/AM, Weirton Elementary; and Karen Brown, Sup. Aide/ECCAT/AM K,. Allison Elememtary, to Supervisory Aide II-IV, Transportation; Julie Provenzano, countywide substitute aide, to Sup Aide II-IV, ECCAT/AM, initial placement Pre-K, Weirton Elementary;

**Transferred Edward Mick from Substitute Custodian, countywide, to Custodian II, Weirton Elementary; Janice Shiels, Substitute Aide, countywide, to Supervisory Aide II-IV/AM, Weirton Elementary; Cynthia Parrish, Substitute Custodian, Countywide, to Custodian II, Oak Glen Middle School;