A low voter turnout has prompted Chester City Council to take an action designed to increase voter turnout. Newly-elected Mayor Ed Wedgewood asked Council to consider changing the date of the Municipal election to coincide with the County Primary Election in May. Only 62 voters turned out for the recent Municipal Election in June and Wedgewood said he believes the City would best be served to move the election to merge with the Primary election. Council unanimously approved the move.

Wedgewood nominated and Council approved Chuck Stanley as Chief of Police and Kurt Parkins as City Judge. Appointed to the Water Board were Councilmen Nathan Wright, Steve Shuman and Woody Woodruff. Citizen members are Pete Arner, Ed Fink and Bill Kell. Appointed to the Park Board are Councilmen Jason Thorn, and Woody Woodruff. Citizen members are Jim Pryor, Donny Murray, John Murray, Ken Thorn and Susan Hineman.

In other business, Council:

**Approved the purchase of a new Ford cruiser. Chief Stanley explained to Council that a demo model was available immediately while a new cruiser would not be available for several months. Council opted to purchase the demo model, which has mileage of 4,000 and a discount of $1,500.00. The vehicle will be outfitted with an equipment package costing $9,000.00. Asst. City Clerk Tara Ayers told Council $45,000.00 has been set aside in the budget for the cruiser;

**Accepted the placement of receipts of $38,418.47 into the general fund;

**Paid bills of $73,003.63 from the general fund;

**Accepted the placement of receipts of $4,180.00 into the building fund;

**Paid bills of $307.03 from the building fund;

**Approved the purchase of a John Deere tractor for the City Park at a cost of $13,004.38;

**Approved the purchase of a new computer for the City Clerk’s office:

**Approved payment of $660.00 for membership in the Brooke/Hancock/Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission.