NAME: Randy Swartzmiller          PARTY: Democrat                    AGE: 62

HOME ADDRESS: 216 Heartwood Drive, Chester, WV 26034                             

OCCUPATION: Ergon-WV, Inc. Regulatory Specialist

EDUCATION: Mountain State University, MS

                         West Liberty State College, BA

                         Oak Glen High School, Diploma

FAMILY: Married 31-years to Jeanmarie (Skerbetz) Swartzmiller, two daughters, Taylor & Molly

 * What is your stance on abortion? I believe Charleston went too far in restricting women’s rights to health care. Are you in favor of exceptions in the case of rape and incest? Yes

* Are you in favor of Amendment 2, putting the power to eliminate/reduce personal property tax in the hands of the Legislature? No, the legislature continues to want more control in Charleston that will only benefit a select few. I believe local government should retain control over their respective budgets as well as the services they provide to our citizens. Amendment 2 will shift that control to Charleston and allow the legislature to pick winners and losers that will only benefit a select few.  

* Are you in favor of Amendment 4, giving the Legislature oversight over the State Board of Education? No, I do not believe the legislature should be deciding what educational curriculum or policies should or shouldn’t be implemented in our public education system. This is, once again, Charleston wanting more control over our students and it will be detrimental to the public education system in West Virginia.

* What legislation would you sponsor and/or action would you take to spur economic development in the 1st District? One areaI would focus on is the revitalization of brownfield projects. One of the biggest things I have heard over the years from business representatives wanting to locate to the Northern Panhandle is they like the area but property inventory is limited. The more shovel ready properties we have ready to showcase the better the success rate will be for bringing new businesses and jobs to the Northern Panhandle. I would also continue to work on funding for our roads, bridges and broadband expansion. I made those a priority when I was in office and will continue to work to secure funding for those types of infrastructure projects.    

* What experience or knowledge makes you the best candidate for the position? I have had the honor to represent and serve the hardworking citizens of Hancock and Brooke Counties for 16-years in the WV House of Delegates. During my tenure I served in various leadership positions including Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and eventually became Speaker Pro Tempore under two different House Speakers. I worked on numerous pieces of legislation that benefited the citizens and businesses of the Northern Panhandle and worked with my colleagues on both sides of the political aisle to pass 16 balanced budgets, while cutting taxes by over $500 million dollars. I’m very proud that our accomplishments for the citizens were obtained by everyone working together, as it should be.