Party lines appeared to delineate the votes of the County Commissioners at Monday’s special meeting on personnel.

The hiring of David Willey as the Hancock County Administrator/IT Director was voted down by Republicans Eron Chek and Paul Cowey  at a special meeting on Friday with Commissioner Jeff Davis, a Democrat, voting to hire Willey..    Willey, was selected for the position out of 12 applicants.     Chek voiced her concern that a “business relationship” existed between Davis and Willey.  Davis explained that no business relationship existed, that  Wiley’s wife was simply a part-time employee of a business he owned.  .  After Wiley was selected, Davis said he checked with the Ethics Commission both verbally and in writing  to make sure no conflict existed and received a response that there was no conflict.

   Chek, however, took exception to the fact that Wiley had not alerted the Commissioners of his wife’s employment during the interview and said she did not want to hire an administrator she could not trust.   Davis  observed that Hancock County is a small community and relationships exists between many of the residents. 

The Commissioner voted to combine the 911 Director and Office of Emergency Management positions into one position which will pay $75,000.00/year.  While Davis agreed with the combined positions because it will save the County money, he said he felt the new position should have been advertised out to provide an opportunity for any qualified individual to apply.   Current OEM Director Jeremy Ober will be moved into the combined position.     Ober’s current salary is $59,940.00.   Davis stressed his objection to the move was in a no way a reflection of Ober’s ability, but concern over not advertising the position so others could apply.  The Commission recessed into an Executive Session to discuss the personnel situation.  Upon emerging from executive session, the motion to hire Ober for the newly created position passed 3-0. 

    The sole bid from Fuscardo Concrete to provide a concrete sidewalk and pad at the Gas Valley Complex for $17,485.00 was awarded.   A grant of $25,000.00 from the Pugliese Foundation was awarded.  Two other portions of the project remain and the Commissioners will adjust the dates and bid specs to go rebid those portions.