WMC announces Phase 1 of a new $10 million expansion is complete.  Today, WMC marks the completion of the brand new, state-of-the-art Laboratory.  The doors of the new Lab, located on the third floor of the WMC Medical Office Building, are now open.  Upgrades bring the latest technology to WMC’s general chemistry, microbiology, hematology, pathology and blood bank.  The multi-million-dollar investment includes new instrumentation, including the Atellica Chemistry Analyzers and DXH 900 Hematology Analyzers.  Other upgrades include an expanded pneumatic delivery system throughout the hospital, transporting lab samples from the inpatient care units to the lab and from the lab to the floors. 

“We are continually investing in technology and improvements so we can continue to deliver the exceptional healthcare our community deserves and expects from us at WMC,” stated John Frankovitch, WMC Chief Executive Officer and President. 

Now that the new Lab has opened, work begins on Phase 2 of the project which includes the construction of a new, comprehensive Gastroenterology Center.  The state-of-the-art Gastroenterology Center is on target to open next summer.

The third and final phase of this $10M expansion will include an expanded and completely redesigned WMC Emergency Department.  Due to increasing volumes of Emergency patient visits, WMC will expand to include a much larger space to care for more critical and emergent patients.  This expansion significantly improves patient flow, upgrades ER technology and brings the latest equipment to physicians and nurses in the ER.  “When WMC was originally built in 1978, the ER was built for a capacity of only a third of the Emergency volume the WMC sees today.  We have seen the WMC ER volume grow significantly, treating patients from a 40-mile radius in a three-state region. We are excited to get these projects completed to improve emergency access for the community.  We anticipate the ER upgrades will be complete the summer of 2024,” said David Artman, WMC Chief Operating Officer. Artman says the goal is to improve patient flow while delivering excellent care with even further upgraded technology.

Once the three phases are complete, WMC will have a significantly-expanded  Emergency Department, a newly-constructed Gastroenterology Center and the state-of-the-art Laboratory.  Each of which will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and offer an improved patient flow and even more convenience for our patients and their families.

“This $10 million project is not just an investment in WMC but an investment in our community.  It ensures we can continue to provide the highest possible level of medical care for our friends and families across the region,” concluded Frankovitch.