Let’s make Oak Glen’s School-Based Health Site a RealityEstablishing  a School Based Health Center at Oak Glen High and Oak Glen Middle is necessary to provide the optimum scope of care for our students.  First established in 2019 at the newly-constructed Weirton Elementary, the SBHC have provided valuable services to students in that end of the county which now include Weir Middle and Weir High.  The SBHC do not take the place of the students’ primary health physician, but act as an ancillary, on-site resource.   It should be noted, however, that many of these students fall at or below federal poverty level and might never see a doctor, dentist or mental health provider.  Kudos to the current Board of Education, especially Ed Fields, who have brought a project that was stalled for several years back to the table.    It appears that an existing site will be located on the Oak Glen Campus and that area will be retrofitted.  Meanwhile CHANGE, Inc. Lisa Mowry will be locating funding for equipment to make the School Based Health Site a reality.  Mowry presented the Board with a list of services the School Based Health Site was able to provide Weirton students at a recent Board meeting along with the increasing number of students receiving services.   It’s important that Oak Glen’s School Based Health Site proceed with no further delay,