12/2 Lou King, Chester  – Domestic Battery 1st

12/2 Kenneth King, Chester – Domestic Battery 1st

12/5 Dwayne Waler, Cleveland – Delivery Fentanyl/Burglary/Petit Larceny

12/5  Marcus Campbell, Weirton – Battery x6

12/5  Amanda Suzzainie, Weirton – Battery x6

12/6  Mark Fuller, Newell – Domestic Battery/ Domestic Assault

12/6  Brandon Waghorst, Weirton – House Arrest Capias

12/8  Anton Schafer – Chester – Fugitive from Justice Columbiana County

12/9  Richard Hartner,  Weirton – Discharge Firearm w/in 500’of Dwelling/ Wanton Endangerment w. Firearm/Prohibited Person in Possession of Firear

12/11  Brett Lang New Cumberland – DWLS for /DUI/Speeding/ Possession of Controlled Substance Xanax

12/13  Adrian Walls, Idabel, OK – DUI1st, Possession of Machine Gun/ Illegal Possession of Firearm/ Prohibited Person/ Driving Suspended

12/17  Guy Frey, Newell – – Failure to Dim/ DUI 1st/ Obstructing

12/18   David Drescher, Canton Ohio – DWLS Admin,

12/24  Jeffrey Turner, Newell – Possession with Intent Cocaine/Conspiracy to commit Felony

12/24  Amanda Bickley,Newell -Possession w/intent Cocaine/ Conspiracy to Commit Felony

12/25 Bryant Davidson, Weirton – Capias

12/29 Eric Huff, New Cumberland – Domestic Battery

12/30 Joshua Wolfe, New Cumberland, Domestic Battery

12/30 Robert Steve, Jr.   McDonald, PA – Burglary

12/31 William Coen, Newell – Falsely Reporting an Emergency