AND THEN AGAIN…… Tamara Pettit

I have discovered the fourth lie.   You know the first three, I’m sure:   “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”     “The check is in the mail” and “I’ll respect you in the morning.”

Enter the fourth  lle…..the worst because it encompasses all the three “I’m from  Comcast ne Xfinity, and if you sign up for a package you can Always change your mind”

No sir.   No way.  Floods, blizzards, plagues, even death will come and you still won’t be able to cancel.   I know!     My recently deceased husband loved sports and  signed up for super sports bundle.   It was so super that is added  a whopping $228 month to the bill.  I hate sports.    I don’t watch sports. So after the death of my husband I decided to cancel. 

Somewhere, probably in a country far,  far away someone chuckled.   They knew that comcast is for eternity.   It’s like the old Massacusetts Transit Authity (MTA for us boomers)  A You can ride forever if you didn’t have the nickle to get off.

I didn’t have the nickle which in this case was knowledge.

I was ready with my bill, my account number, my mother’s maiden name. and I finally reached a customer service rep who instructed me it had to be done on line.  All right, my computer skills are limited but I do manage to get a paper put together.   I’m game.    They wanted my life’s story, my mother’s maiden name, the location of my first kiss and if I had ever been convicted of a felony or stole a cable spool.  I interject that to let you know the old utility companies were made up of humans and they acted human.   I was married to a cable splicer for the phone  company where people liked you; knew you name; and let you repurpose their equipment.  I had a coffee table that was a cable spool, a deck supported by telephone poles and God knows how many illegal phone outlets.

No more,  this company means business.   After all that they wanted my password.  I forgot.  I forget all my passwords because you have to constantly change them….which you can then forget

I could go on and on but for two weeks I tried every day.  And, then I remembered they are a public utility and so I called the public utility commission where I very nicely explained that I was a recent widow trying to downsize expenses.   They said they would follow up.

And, that’s how I got Nancy.   She removed the $228 package in a nanosecond and I said “so what will my bill be now, Nancy:  and then told me my bill would be $328.    ‘But Nancy, that doesn’t add up.    You just took 228 off a 360 bill and I only get$20 off.’ Yep its the new cable math.

Nancy and I agreed to talk more.   My head was spinning and Nancy had had all she could take of me.

(Is this a problem the Attorney General could solve?  How many of you have experienced similar problems.   Did one month of the cooking channel turn into a relationship with Bobby Flay.    Are you so sick of HGTV that you have nothing left to fix up.  Don’t even ask me how my life compares against the Hallmark Channel.  I’m going to find out if there is such a thing as a class action against a cable company.And I know I’ll have plenty of time to work on it.  I won’t have telephone, tv or computer)