HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU! And to me ,too.  What a weird sentiment from a woman who lost the love of her live just two months ago.  She should be in bed with the covers pulled over her head or in a drugs store plucking all the valentine shaped boxes of candy from the shelfs to burn.

Way back in 6th grade I thought Valentines Day was a popularity contest.  It was actually.  We each decorated a shoe box, put a slit on top and lined them up in the front of the class.  Our classmates brought valentines for those they liked and passed by those they didn’t.  At the end of the day we opened the boxes and counted those valentines.  The boy and girl getting the most were crowned king and queen.  Terry Manypenny Delong was the queen; Jerry Boxter the King.   I was the sad girl who dumped her box in the trash on the way home.  Granted, I wasn’t the kindest of kids, but geez this hurt.  Society has changed and become a lot kinder in the ensuing years.   Me?  I’m working on it.

I’ve always hated the commercialization of the day, but I love the concept of a day where we express appreciation, kindness and love to those who bless us with it.

Max is my valentine.  His sturdy presence as he leans into me as I read is worth 5,000 chocolates.    My kids are my valentines and though I have never seen a box of chocolates from them the everyday reassurance of their love takes through the toughest of times.    Grandchildren are created to make you aware that you just may be forever for a tiny portion of your gene pools lurks somewhere in their makeup. And, my niece forever plagued with a derivate of my name, TamEra, who provides stability to me when my ship won’t stop rocking.

But generally, I’m going to look upon this as a day to celebrate everyone who is  caring and kind to me and to return the gift of kindness.

So, no chocolates for you  or me.  But lots and lots of kindness!