Hancock County Commission approved changes to their Employee Policy Manual that created increased  accountability for spending when traveling for business when they met Thursdy.

     Commissioners are governed by the Manual as well as County Employees.    The section that covers spending when on County business allows payment for meals was changed.  Under the old manual the employee simply provided the cost of the meal expense.  A new section was added also requiring the employee to submit receipts for reimbursement along with the agenda for the meeting the employee attended.

   The per diem rate was changed to $59 with meal allowances being breakfast $13/$14; lunch $14/$16 and dinner $26/$29.  The higher amount is allowed when in Kanawha County.

In other business, the Commission;

**Granted approval to advertise for summer groundskeeping help.  The position will be part-time;

**Agreed to receive an additional proposal for property and liability insurance;

**Accepted Abigail Peters into the Sheriff’s Reserves;

**Agreed to re-imburse the Hancock County Museum for $5,950.44 for utility services,  liability  insurance and groundskeeping;

**Made a request for funding from the Greater Weirton Senior Center a matter of record;

**Accepted the resignation of Ed Huff from the Tomlinson PSD and RC &D.  Huff is relocating.   Davis thanked Huff for his service;

**Approved a request from MarkVignovic from the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority for $15,000.00 in funding.