Heavy Iron Oilfield Distribution plan for a workforce of 100 when they are running a full tilt.  President Johnn Van Slykes anticipates that business should open in Summer2023.   The  businesss is relocating from Canonsburg, PA to the 30,0000 ft. spec building at Rock  Springs  Business Park Van Slke president of the company said they researched facilities and  learned about the available spec building from Attorney Carl Frankovitch.

         Van Syke said some of those working in Canonsburg may not opt to make the trip to Chester, although of the much of the work is in the oilfields and not in the office. bA wide range of employees will be needed both in the shop and in the field. Shop employees will work 8 .m. to 5 p.m,. and maintenance workers Monday through Friday.  Field workers will be needed,   and Van Slyke said they would work three weeks on and one week off with 12-hour days.  Field workers stay in hotels during the time they are on the job.   Pay ranges from $15/hour to $29/30/hour depending upon the job and skill level.

A sign will be erected on he premises “NOW HIRING” and prospective employees may put their resumes in an on-site mailbox. Job seekers may also go to the firm’s website and submit resumes