……..”FIRST DO NO HARM”   The Internet tells me it’s not really part of the Hippocratic oath physicians must take.   I propose we make it part of the oath Legislators take upon assuming office.  I doubt, however, Del. Pat McGeehan would abide by that rule any more than any other legislative rule.

…….McGeehan has the potential to do real harm to our area, however, with the Form Energy deal at the old Weirton Steel plant.  This deal is for real, folks, and this area has the opportunity to flourish once again.  Form Energy has already begun to hire.  Go to the Form Energy page and see there are eight high-paying jobs for engineers.  I saw another ad for an associate legal counsel for Weirton in a legal publication.  The aspect of 730 jobs coming in the near future is transformative to the area.

 …….If the powers to be at Form don’t get too tired of dealing with McGeehan with his letter to their Board about where there investors are located.    While his fellow legislators have rushed to assure Form leadership, McGeehan is a outlier and not to be taken seriously, McGeehan does have a bully pulpit on the floor of the House and in the media. No industry wants to come to an area where their is a hostile legisative environment.

……McGeehan seems oblivious to the economic growth created by the jobs at Form.  The initial jobs I’m seeing advertised are indeed high paying and ones which may even bring former residents back to West Virginia.

……Voters who may have supported McGeehan in the past, need to take a hard look at what he is attempting to do and then contact him to tell him to back off.   Both Republican and Democratic leadership need to be seeking out a serious candidate to run  for McGeehan’s seat

……When I served in the legislature, we always had one delegate wh “was a little out there” and we cringed when he/she got to floor.  But, the eccentric nature of that delegate usually were assured they were harmless and could get nothing accomplished.

……Pat McGeehan has not accomplished legislation during his time in the Legislature, but his current campaign against Form Energy is not harmless.