The Newell Community Coaltion has had a busy spring.  A new Welcome sign has been erected to replace the original sign which had been damaged. Pictured are Hayden Six and Frank Six, the owner of the Newell Bridge and Rail Company who shared in the cost of the sign with the Coalition.

Another ongoing project is the  celebration of  Fiestaware which is manufactured in Newell by the Fiesta Tableware Co, formerly known as Homer Laughlin China Co.
The Coaltion members painted a block long section of chain link fence for the display.  Flowers were crafted  from various Fiesta pieces to form flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes. The flowers are made entirely from Fiesta by Mr. William Ealy, who designs and constructs each flower.
He then affixes the flowers to each section of fence. The fence is directly across from Laurel Hollow Park on Rt. 2 in Newell, Wv.  There are 32 panels of fence and each  panel will showcase a hand crafted Fiesta flower .  The Fiesta pieces were donated by the Fiesta Tableware Co.  The  Coalition invites  area residents to visit and watch our garden grow!