The Bunny Brigade is alive and well this Easter,but I believe only Abbi is coloring eggs.  It’s was 1980 when inspired by Gloria Steinem, I conjured up the wife of the Easter Bunny, Roberta Rabchocolate bunnies and colored eggs while her husband Peter hopped around the County making PR appearances,  I must have had a lot of anger at Peter because the next year she had thrown off the shackles of wifedom and the responsibility of Easter to be Peter’s Public Relations handler.  The little bunnies were in day care and Roberta was “livin the dream.”   Or was she?

I wrote of a lot of changes in the Bunny Brigade over the past eight years. Katie graduated #1 in her law school class and joined a firm dedicated to saving the environment in California. Hillary got her bachelor’s and master’s from WLU and is very close to getting her Doctorate degree. She was recently honored by Madison Elementary as “Teacher of the Year” Abbi is embracing motherhood with Madilyn and Emi May and Maggie (Margaret in honor of my Mom) has put opera on hold while she’s involved in a business making and selling jewelry and is in a most happy relationship.

Hillary was recently honored by Madison Elementary as the teacher of the Year in recognition of her dedication to her students

Shannon finally signed her divorce papers after three years Friday; is working as an activity assistant at the Orchards.  She also has a new name “Mimi” bestowed on her by her first grandchild.

And, Roberta herself, aka Tamara has had the most difficult year of her life.  I lost Bill to prostate cancer December 15 and I’m still struggling to reconcile a world without the love of my life.  Somedays good, …, ..somedays bad.   I do know that this publication  brings joy, purpose and a sense that somehow to someone I may make a difference,   And, isn’t that what we all want.

Rest assured, the bunny brigade will flourish this year and be back next Easter with lot of “tails” to tell