A dispute between  neighbors over excessive noise shows no sign of resolution without legislative action.  William Lott, a resident of an unincorporated area asked the Hancock County Commission at Thursdays meeting if the Prosecutor’s Office was any closer to a solution to the issue.   Another resident had appeared before Commissioners last fall to ask the Commissions to find a solution.

     Lott said he called the Sheriff’s office to complain about music at 2 a.m. and was told by the Sheriff’s Deputy there was no law on the book to regulate noise.  A Sheriff’s deputy then came to Lott’s home when the neighbor complained about him threatening to take him to jail  Both men engaged in the conflict are under restraining orders .

       Commission President Jeff Davis explained that the legislature had addressed the problem in the past and had difficulty passing a bill as how do you define levels of noise and distance,   

In other business, the Commission: 

**Granted a request for $1,000 to assist with the Laurel Hollow Park Summer Concert Series;

**Brought an amendment back to the table regarding the wage and hour law, but after discussion still felt issues still needed to be addressed so the issue was again tabled,

**Agreed to advertise for an open position on the Tomlinson PSD:

**Agreed to advertise for two positions on the Board of Health.   One member must be from the Grant District and one from Clay;

**Gramted  permission to hire Ontasio Pettaway as Office Administrator in the Commission Office;

**Hired Kayla Weaver for the Records Department in the County Cler’s office;

**Accepted the resignation of Ontasia Petteway s Accounts Payable Clerk;

**Granted permission to advertise for a Deputy Circuit Clerk;

**Hired Jay Williams aas Security /Bailiff

**Accepted the retirement of Tina Crawford as Chief Tax Deputy and to pay her ac cred personal and vacation pay.