A vote to go ahead with construction on the Oak Glen Field Turf and Lighting project was tabled on a 3-2 vote when the Board of Education met Monday night.  Members lined up on a north-south line with Ed Fields and Larry Shaw voting to not delay the vote by tabling while Chris Gillette, Jim Horstman and Gerard Spencer     voted to table.   

The Board was reminded by their legal counsel from Bowles, Rice who was present that a matter can only be tabled twice.

After hearing where Finance Director Joe Campanelli thought the funding for the project would originate, Board Vice President Ed Fields made the motion to proceed with construction upon completion of the Weir High softball and baseball projects.

President Chris Gillette balked at taking the vote immediately moving to table the vote.  Gillette said he had yet to see the total budget and wanted to see it first.   The Board’s legal counsel from Bowles Rice Law Firm, who was present at the meeting, reminded the Board that under Robert’s Rules a matter can be tabled only twice.

Campanelli had told the Board the project which called for turf replacement and lights would cost $3.1 million with a $335,000 down payment and the remainder financed over a 4-to-7-year period.  Mark.Dziatkowicz, director of facilities, assured the members that the construction crew would not leave Weir High before its project was completed.   Fields expressed concern that if they delayed taking action the construction companies might progress to another project prior to beginning Oak Glen meaning Oak Glen’s project would not be completed by next year [s seas9l. Board members expressed their appreciation to Superintendent Dawn Petrovich for her service during her term of office during difficult times when she was leading the system through the pandemic.  New Superintendent Dan Enich will assume the new position at the July meeting which is also a re-organization meeting