With a list of priorities and suggested changes, Superintendent Dan Enich systematically reviewed what he would like to accomplish in the coming school year. In his first work session, Enich listed hiring professional and service personnel; more safety cameras on board, especially in parking lots as a priority.

He announced that the total cost of Oak Glen Softball and baseball turf and lighting to be $2,536,452.48 “on site-where they currently are.” Enich noted that Country Roads Lending could finance the project and named six schools for which they had peformed similar services. The project will come before the Board at the next regular meeting for a vote. The project has been tabled twice while further information was compiled and now must be voted up or down.

Enich said he had an e-mail from Lisa Mowry, CEO of CHANGE, Inc., requesting a meeting to discuss CHANGE establishing a School-based Health Center, at Oak Glen Middle and Oak Glen High School. Board member Ed Fields noted that everyone at Oak Glen is in favor. The site within the footprint of the building has been staked out and necessary changes outlined,

Enich noted that public education must now compete to offer the best education. With legislation paving the way for charter schools and other alternative schooling, he set public education has competition.

Enich reported he had met with representatives of the WVEA that morning and he felt it was a good meeting as they plan for the coming year..

He announced the County had received a $2,000.00 grant to bring in a speaker on Suicide Awareness from the Mahoney Foundation. He said Mr. and Mrs. Mahoney may also be in attendance to speak to the staff.

In reference to the system the County uses to post jobs and recruit talent he said he favors Front Line over the current system, Talent Ed.

A stronger alliance with WVNCC was cited as one of Enich’s goals with the intent of getting more high school students college credit.